International students applying to university, follow the general procedure: getting an invitation – getting a student visa and other documents – submitting the documents – studying at the preparatory department or taking entrance exams.
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Students of the RF entering the university, are chosen on competitive basis. They have to meet certain admission criteria:

- All applicants must graduate from secondary school and have a graduation diploma (Attestat) and secondary school transcript.
- All applicants must sumbit graduation exams test score certificate – in Russian and Mathematics as well as other disciplines depending on the course requirements.
- To apply for courses that have additional entry requirements (e.g. Arts, Physical Training) – an applicant must take special skills test or pass an interview.

The documents are submitted in person, the university admission centre collects and processes the data, and announces threshold entrance level. Applicants with lower scores are rejected, applicants with identical scores are chosen on academic priorities basis, i.e. participation in science or sports contests. In general, the higher score the applicant has, the greater his chances are for being enrolled.

People with special needs also can apply for university, even if they have not passed graduation exams. The university organizes additional examinations and provides special staff assistance at the exams.

More information on application for local students, fees and government funded education can be found here

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