How to Find PSU?

Penza is located 640 km to the south-east from Moscow, which is rather a small distance according to “the Russian dimensions”. There are several options to get to Penza from Moscow – by train, by bus, or by airplane.




How do you find Penza State University in Penza?

Travelling by train, you arrive at Penza I railway station. Buses №3, 8, 21, minibus №8 stop at the university.

If you travel by air, you arrive at Penza airport, located 10 km south of the city centre. Buses №54 and №66, minibuses №10 will get you to the city centre and minibus №30 will drop you at Penza State University.

In both ways you can choose to get a taxi, which is, of course, safe and speedy, yet quite expensive. The fares range between 250 roubles ($5.5) and 400 roubles ($8.8).

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