The university gives to the students all opportunities to expose their talents, ideas and the initiatives, which enable to fill their life with drive and positive, to work in a team, to realize leadership skills, to find new friends.


Creative Activity

Students take an active part in the organization and carrying out creative actions as screenwriters, directors, actors, leaders. Among the most popular extra-curricular activities which are carried out at university, are necessary to mention:
- Interfaculty freshers’ show "Hey, we are looking for talents!";
- Interfaculty Intellect and Wit Battle;
- Interfaculty competition "Ms. University";
- Tatiana’s Day;
- The contest "Love at First Sight";
- Festival of a military patriotic song;
- Interfaculty competition "Now then, guys!";
- Student spring talent festival;
- Military patriotic festival "Pictures of Wartime"


The most talented students join creative teams which successfully take part in all-Russian and international events and project a prestigious image of university in Russia and abroad:
- Male vocal ensemble “Bayram”
- Female vocal ensemble “Cappuccino”
- Vocal ensemble “Delis”
- Vocal and instrumental ensemble "Classics of the Genre"
- Ensemble of the folk song "Kind People"
- Student's chorus
- Dance school of Elena Luzgina
- Dance theatre "Aquamarine"
- Indian dance Studio
- Dancing group S-dance
- Dancing group "Meridance"
- Ball dance studio
- Theatre of the free movement "Supporting Point"
- Club of the Merry and Inventive
- Theatre of Fashion


Sport & Activities

Every year university carries out the student's sports contest under the slogan "For faculty sports!" It includes competitions on 10 sports: basketball, volleyball, track and field athletics, skiing, mini-soccer, table tennis, swimming, chess, street ball, sports and tourist all-round events.

Power triathlon, aerobics, long distance swimming, ice hockey competitions are also organized regularly. Separate competitions are arranged among the students living in hostels.

Considerable event in sports life of university is a traditional ski campaign around the Penza region. During a campaign carrier counseling work with schoolchildren is carried out, students also help to decorate school educational offices, give amateur concerts for local people.

The open interuniversity tourist meeting always attracts students of all faculties, which includes passing of a short tourist obstacle course, checking of tourist skills, competition of a mobile kitchen, tourist songs contest.


Youth initiatives and projects

Council of student's self-government is one of the unique social institutions, urged to work for the benefit of students. The aim of the organization is to discover potential of students, to contribute to their socialization and adaptation in the modern world. Council covers all bodies of student's self-government of university: student trade-union committee of, faculty trade-union section, student councils of faculties, scientific student communities, student councils of hostels. Their work concerns all the spheres of student life: science, study, sports, creativity, personal growth and self-development.

Civil patriotic education of students is constantly conducted. Students visit museums, meet with veterans, carry out charitable actions, promote healthy lifestyle.

Much attention is paid also to work on professional development of students. Students of pedagogical specialties take part in the annual pedagogical competition where they can improve their knowledge and abilities.


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