Best international students of PSU see sights of neighbouring regions

02.06.2017 09:46

On May 28, 2017 an excursion tour was organised for a group of international students of Penza State University to show them Saransk and “Boldino”, the state museum reserve of Alexander Pushkin. This time it was a trip for students who achieved the best results in their studies and who conscientiously fulfilled their obligations as monitors.

The choice of the tour route was not accidental. For three centuries the village of Boldino was the Pushkin family estate. The poet visited the estate thrice. Many of his best works were written there. The excursion to the museum allowed students to get acquainted not only with Russian culture, but also with life of manorial estates in the XIX century. The international students also had an opportunity to enjoy beautiful nature of central Russia where the great Russian poets derived inspiration.

Saransk is one of the oldest cities in the Middle Volga Region. It is the capital city of the Republic of Mordovia. While visiting Saransk the students saw historical sights, had an excursion to Erzia Museum and walked in the city park. Mordovian Erzia Museum of Visual Arts is a large education and research establishment in the Volga Region.

This wonderful city comprises numerous beautiful and memorable sights. This city witnessed the Stepan Razin rebellion of peasants. Moreover, the house, where the leader of the insurrection 1773 – 1774 Yemelyan Pugachev gave a speech, remained there up to now.

The students not only got a boost of high spirits, but also received valuable information about Russian history, cultural heritage and ethnic groups.

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