Faculty of Computer Engineering

Faculty of Computer Engineering was founded in 1976 after restructuring the faculty of Radioelectronics and Computer Engineering.

The first dean of the faculty was Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor Nikolay Vashkevich.

In 2005, the faculty of Computer Engineering was reorganized into the Institute of Information and Computer Engineering. In 2008 the Institute of Information and Computer Engineering was reorganized again into the Faculty of Computer Engineering. Since 2010 the faculty has been headed by Honorary Teacher of Higher Professional Education of Russia, Academician of International Academy of Education Informatization of Russia, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Lyudmila Fionova.

Faculty of Computer Engineering educates specialists in the field of computer equipment, its engineering, maintenance, software development and application of new information technologies in all spheres, including management. Currently, there are more than 1,100 students at the faculty. The faculty has five departments, which employ 115 teachers, 12% of them are Doctors of Sciences or Professors.

All university laboratories of the faculty are equipped with high-performance computers, up-to-date office appliances and other computer hardware. Furthermore, some laboratories, for example, at the Department of Computer Engineering, are equipped with special educational kits, measurement instruments and microsimulators of different types, which allow to organize a laboratory course for studying electronics, ECM circuit technique, microprocessor systems, ECM peripheral hardware and its connectivity systems with ECM.

At the Department of Computer Engineering, a laboratory-museum of Computer Equipment was organized. Elements, gadgets and ECM samples of different generations are represented there.

Faculty of Computer Engineering is notable for its competitive position and quality of educational and scientific process, which corresponds to the needs of educational programs customers in the field of informatics, computer engineering, intelligence systems, information technologies, document support of management, satisfying the requirements of Russian and international educational standards.



Application and Maintenance of Automation Systems for Special Purpose
• Fundamental Mathematics and Mechanics


• Informatics and Computer Engineering - Computer Automated Design Systems; Computers, Computer Systems, Complexes, Networks; 
• Document Management and Archival Science
Information Systems and Technologies
Software Engineering
• Mathematical Support and Administration of Information Systems
• Applied Mathematics and Informatics
Applied Mathematics
• Mathematics
• Applied Informatics - Applied Informatics in Economics


• Applied Informatics - Applied Informatics in Economics
• Document Management and Archival Science - Records Management in E-Government
• Informatics and Computer Engineering - Computer Automated Design Systems
• Applied Mathematics and Informatics - Mathematical Simulation in Economics and Engineering, Information Systems Administration, Mathematical Support and Software for Computers
• Software Engineering: Software Engineering for Computers and Automated Systems


• Elements and Devices of Computers and Control Systems
• Computers, Complexes and Networks
• System Analysis, Information Management and Processing
• Management in Social and Economic Systems
• Mathematical Simulation, Numerical Methods and Programme Systems
• Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems and Optimal Control
• Theory of Informatics


Computer Engineering
Information and Computation Systems
Information Support for Management and Production
Mathematical Support and Computer Application
Computer Automated Design Systems
Higher and Applied Mathematics
Mathematics and Supercomputer Simulation
Computer Technologies


• Methods and Design Tools of firmware of special-purpose Systems and Networks (supervised by N.P. Vashkevich, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor)
• Research and Development information-computer tools for heterogeneous information processing (supervised by Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Y.N. Kosnikov, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor B.A. Savelyev, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor B.V. Chuvykin)


Lyudmila Fionova
tel: +7 (8-412) 36-82-48
e-mail: fvt@pnzgu.ru

Vice-Deans for Academic Affairs
Andrey Bytchkov
tel:+7 (8-412) 36-82-48
e-mail: vt@pnzgu.ru
Arkady Pisarev
tel:+7 (8-412) 36-82-48
e-mail: pisarev60@mail.ru

Vice-Dean for Scientific Work
Aleksandr Bozhday
tel:+7 (8-412) 36-82-48
e-mail: fvt@pnzgu.ru

Vice-Dean for Social Affairs
Marina Katysheva
tel:+7 (8412) 36-82-48
e-mail: fvt@pnzgu.ru

Olga Mironova
tel:+7 (8412) 36-82-48

Internet Site:
fvt.pnzgu.ru - official page at the site of Penza State University (Russian version)


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