Sport at Penza State University is an essential part of the educational process. Well organized and successfully implemented sports leisure for PSU students helps them relax and reduce stress after hard weekdays full of studies, create useful habits, improve their mood and general state of health, and also find new friends.

Everyone can join in sports activities at Penza State University. The work with amateur students and those who go in for sports professionally is at a very high level and has a well-structured organization and system of trainings.

For Physical Education classes and sport the University has: sports and cultural centre “Temp”, sports and fitness complex “Trud”, gyms, a skiing centre, and a swimming pool. The area of indoor sports facilities is about 11 thousand square metres.


Penza State University has its sports traditions. The essential part of students’ sports life includes such annual sports events as Smaller Olympics, Ski campaign, Faculties Olympics and Residence Halls Olympics.

Smaller Olympics

A traditional sports event which has been held at PSU since 2013 for international students. In the course of preparing for the event, ethnic teams are formed and kick-off meetings with coaches and referees take place.
The sports programme includes competitions in mini football, volleyball, streetball, chess, table tennis, arm wrestling, track-and-field athletics, badminton, swimming, etc.
The event starts with an official ceremony: procession of sports teams, on-stage groups performances, opening speeches by University management and referee boards.

Ski campaign

Considerable event in sports life of university is a traditional ski campaign around the Penza region. During the campaign career counseling work with schoolchildren is carried out, students also help to decorate school educational offices, give amateur concerts for local people.

University Olympics

Faculty Olympics helps identify the best sportsmen and the strongest teams in different kinds of sports. On the results of the competitions he strongest sportsmen are invited to the University representative teams. There are competitions in the following kinds of sports: track-and-field athletics, chess, volleyball, table tennis, speed skiing, swimming, powerlifting, football.

Residence Halls Olympics for the students living in University residence halls is held with the purpose of shaping healthy lifestyle and improving physical education and sports work with the students who come to study at PSU from different parts of the Penza Region, in order to improve the students’ health, to attract them to physical education classes and sport, and to maintain sports traditions of the University.

PSU is proud of its students who have achieved national and world success in sports. Sportsmen, champions and Olympic medals holders who studied at PSU are known all over the world.

Denis Ablyazin
Student of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, PSU,
gymnast, has five Olympic medals (2012 and 2016),
2014 world champion in free calisthenics,
multiple champion of Europe and Russia, winner of 2013 Universiade in team.
Merited sports master of Russia.


Mikhail Vdovin
Merited sports master in track-and-field athletics,
bronze medal holder of the World Championship,
participator of the Olympics Games in Atlanta in 1996.
Currently he is the head coach of CSKA in sprint.


Dmitry Kokarev
Grand master at chess, world champion in chess.
Currently he is a professional chess-player.


Yuliya Pakhalina

A Russian diver. Olympic champion,
three-time world champion, eight-time Europe champion.
Merited sports master of Russia.


Anastasia Fesikova (Zueva)
A Russian swimmer.
Vice-champion of 2012 Olympic Games, 2011 world champion,
three-time world vice-champion (2009, 2011), three-time Europe champion
and multiple champion of Russia. Record holder of Russia at the distances of 50 m, 100 m,
200 m and Europe record holder at the distance of 200 m in back-stroke swimming. Merited sports master of Russia.



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