Penza-China Cooperation

The cooperation between Penza State University and universities and educational organisations of China began almost 30 years ago - in 1991.

The cooperation developed at the level of friendly relations between PSU staff. The first students were the citizens of the PRC. In the early 2000s, the number of Chinese representatives at the university was gradually increasing. Every year, Chinese young people became students of the pre-university training course in the Russian language, and then students of the university.

In early 2011, after the Faculty of International Studies had been reorganised into the Institute of International Cooperation of PSU, interest in developing cooperation with China acquired new accents and forms. Since then, PSU has been actively forming partnerships with educational organisations of the PRC in order to create long-term relationships and work in the following areas:

•    creation of joint educational projects and programmes
•    organisation of summer schools
•    research cooperation
•    academic exchanges of staff and students

Olga Meshcheryakova
Head of the International Relations Office
Coordinator of cooperation

Geographically and politically, this was also due to the fact that in May, 2011 the Penza region and Gansu province (PRC) received the official status of twinned territories. That is why the first official Memoranda on Cooperation were signed with Lanzhou universities.

At the present stage, Penza State University not only actively cooperates with universities in different parts of China, demonstrates the growth of key indicators, but it is also a permanent participant in the development of intercountry cooperation in the format of the Russian-Chinese interregional cooperation "Volga-Yangtze", which has been implemented since 2013 within the framework of instructions of the President of Russia.

Over the period of several years’ cooperation, over 100 people have taken part in academic mobility programmes and events, in educational and research projects. In addition to inter-university exchanges with partner universities, staff members and students have an opportunity to participate in Russian-Chinese youth forums and visiting working teams within the Volga-Yangtze framework.

The Penza region and Gansu province demonstrate a successful example of implementing the dialogue of cultures between Russia and China, which is especially important in the current political situation.

Cooperation with Lanzhou City University
Cooperation with Lanzhou Jiaotong University
Cooperation with Lanzhou University of Technology
Cooperation with Xi'an International University
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