Why PSU?

Penza State University is located in a quiet area, which attracts students with various cultural, religious, social and ethnic backgrounds. The Penza Region has always been known for its racial tolerance, because since ancient times Russian, Turkic and Finno-Ugric peoples have peacefully coexisted here. In the street you can often hear people speaking in different languages, while Christian, Muslim and Jewish places of worship are close to each other.

PSU is the leading higher education institution in the Penza Region, thus enabling its students to experience unparalleled educational journey. It has been creating excellent academic, methodological, research, material, and technical facilities, engaging experienced teaching staff, and applying advanced educational technologies.

Having merged two major educational institutions (technological and teacher training), PSU educates young people in a wide range of significant study fields, which are in demand on the labour market. It offers strong study programmes, which qualifies engineers, doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs, scientists, lawyers, and a myriad of other professionals with knowledge, skills, dispositions to make all their dreams and plans come true.

The university creates multidisciplinary learning and research environment that is conducive to intellectual pursuits, free thinking, theory and practice convergence, and collaboration and diversity promotion. PSU adds its value to the international research landscape through launching initiatives, designing inventions and establishing sustainable research and innovation partnerships.

However, not only do young people find their vocation at the university, but they are also involved in research, social activities, sports and arts. It is here that they meet inspired and qualified lecturers and brilliant and interesting fellow students who will become their lifelong friends.

Student years entail not only attending lectures and seminars, taking exams, participating in conferences, but also devoting time to busy extracurricular activities full of emotions and unforgettable memories. PSU has created all the conditions for creative work, development of personal abilities and capabilities of each student. This is where the most daring ideas can turn into projects.

Sport at Penza State University is an essential part of the educational process. Well-organised and successfully implemented sports leisure for PSU students helps them relax and reduce stress after hard weekdays full of studies, as well as acquire useful habits, improve their mood and health, and more.

Last, but not least, is the money factor. The education offered here, at Penza State University, is less than moderately priced. PSU government manages to keep the fees low, retaining at the same time the perfect level of training. Why not choose this balance?

If we managed to get you interested, you can find exhaustive information on the process of study, academic courses and fees here.

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