Migration Documents


Student visa is issued only to students, who come to Russia on an exchange programme or for education (full-time or part time study, language courses, or training).

This type of visa is available to you only, if you applied to a Russian university, school or an institution and were accepted to study there. In that case, you will need to provide the university with your data and the Department of Migration Control and Visa Support of the university will take care of all the formalities.

Usually, a student visa does not have limited validity, but it is extended repeatedly depending on how long you will study at the university that has provided you with the invitation. This means that with the invitation from a university you may apply for and receive a one-entry student visa that can be prolonged for the whole period of your studies upon your arrival.


The PSU begins the procedure of official invitation processing after the admission procedure is over and you have been accepted to study at the university. PSU will be able to start the visa invitation process only on receiving a complete application with all required documents attached.

According to the immigration regulations of the Russian Federation universities have to apply for invitations from migration departments that issue them on special forms. Please keep in mind that this process takes at least one month.

Once your visa invitation is ready, you will be informed on this by e-mail. The e-mail will include an e-version of your visa invitation. In order to minimise financial risks we advice you not to purchase your tickets to Russia before receiving the confirmation that your visa invitation is ready.

Once you have received an e-version of your visa invitation, you must apply for an entrance student visa through the Russian Embassy or Consulate in your country. The embassy or consulate will advise you on what documents you need to enclose in your visa application and when your visa will be ready. You are recommended to turn to the nearest Russian embassy or consulate for exact information on these matters. The list of the Russian Consulates Worldwide can be found here.


According to the visa regulations of the Russian Federation all foreigners must fill in a migration card, which will be given to them as they cross the Russian border.

You must fill in on the migration card your personal data, terms of stay in Russia, purpose of the visit and the prospective stay of residence. You must fill in the name of the inviting organisation and the address of the inviting organisation. Please make sure that upon arriving to Russia, you have the full name and address of the organisation that issued you your visa support letter (visa invitation).

This information is given on your visa support documents, please copy it for further use.

The migration card consists of two identical sections. The first section is immediately collected by the passport and visa control officials as you enter the country. The second section of the card is collected when the person leaves the country to return home.


We pay particular attention to the fact that foreign citizens and stateless persons arriving in the Russian Federation to enter and study at Penza State University must strictly abide by the migration regulations of the Russian Federation. The rules of applying for migration registration and filing registration documents are given here.

The Department of Migration Control and Visa Support is responsible for ensuring the observation of visa and migration requirements by arriving international students.
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