Academic Process


The academic year begins in September and ends in mid-July. The year is divided into two semesters, each of which lasts from 17 to 21 weeks, depending on the curriculum. Senior students undergo practical training in organisations, institutions and enterprises within and beyond the Penza Region. Specific schedule is compiled for practical training, if it is included in the curriculum (for example, medical practice).

First semester:
September – January
Regular courses: September – December
Examination period: January
Second semester:
February – June
Regular courses: February – May/June
Examination period: June/July

The International Education Office emphasises that the start and end dates of studies may differ. Within several educational programmes at Penza State University, studies begin in October or November in line with the approved curriculum. Accordingly, studies end later than usual.


For specific times and locations, please visit PSU website (in Russian).

1st class: 8:00 – 9:35
2nd class: 9:50 – 11:25
3rd class: 11:40 – 13:15
4th class: 13:45 – 15:20
5th class: 15:35 – 17:10
6th class: 17:25 – 19:00

Typical class lasts 1 hour 35 minutes, including a five-minute break after the first 40 minutes.
Normal break is 15 minutes.
Midday break is 30 minutes (between 3rd and 4th classes)



Each student should have the following documents:

1) electronic pass enabling students to enter the university;
2) student ID card officially confirming the student identity;
3) academic record book containing all studied academic disciplines, completed term papers (projects) and underwent practical trainings, as well as official seals that allow taking the examinations and continuing training next year;
4) library card enabling students to use the library resources.



Students attend lectures and practical classes (seminars) and do homework. During classes, lecturers check students’ knowledge. The five-mark grading system is used, but in practice marks from 2 to 5 are used:

2 – “Unsatisfactory” mark
3 – “Satisfactory” mark
4 – “Good” mark
5 – “Excellent” mark

In line with the five-mark grading system, the university applies the point-rating system under which students obtain points for their achievements. The received amount characterises learning outcomes of students during semester. The total amount of points is taken into account during exams and pass-fail exams:

0 - 59 points – “Unsatisfactory” mark
60 - 72 points – “Satisfactory” mark
73 - 86 points – “Good” mark
87 - 100 points – “Excellent” mark

At the end of each semester, students undergo the examination period. First, students do a series of pass-fail exams in 5 – 6 disciplines. When students take all pass-fail exams, they are able to pass exams.

If the student fails the exam, he or she is given the opportunity to retake it. However, it should be done within the deadlines. On successful passing the exams, students are transferred to the next semester / academic year.


On successful taking the pass-fail exams, students have to refer to the Department of Academic Affairs (37 Lermontova Street, building 11, office 107) and put a stamp in their record books, which enables passing the exams. Otherwise, students will not be allowed taking the exams.

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