Admission Requirements

To study at Penza State University you must fulfill certain requirements including previous academic background, Russian or English language skills, etc.

Undergraduate studies

PSU expects international students to possess a secondary school diploma and secondary school examination results that will enable them to attend university in their home country. Results on basic subjects in the certificate of secondary education are expected to be equal to no less than 80% of the maximum grade attainable. Candidates are also expected to have received good marks in other subjects.

Graduate studies

Those graduates already holding a Bachelor's degree and applying for admission to Master's degree programmes must file their Bachelor's degree academic certificates.

Postgraduate studies

Those candidates who possess a Master's Degree in Science/Arts or a Specialist Diploma can be admitted to the post-graduate course at Russian higher education institutions.

Russian Certificate

One of the following documents may serve to certify that a candidate possesses sufficient Russian language ability for studies at the university:

1) Certificate of secondary education from a school where teaching is conducted in Russian.
2) Certificate of completing the preparatory faculty of the State System of pre-university training.
3) The Certificate of the State System of Russian testing for foreigners. Level 1 (Bachelor and Specialist Diploma Programmes) or Level 2 (Masters and Doctoral Programs).


If you are fluent in the Russian language, you may opt for Bachelor's or Specialist's degree programmes.

If you are proficient in the English language, you may select Bachelor's, Specialist's or Master's degree programmes that are taught in English.

If you do not speak Russian, but wish to study in Russian, you have to take a one-year pre-university training course at PSU. Pre-university training courses are not included in the general university curriculum.

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