Social Life


Penza State University is one of the leading universities in the Penza region. More than 20 thousand full-time and part-time students are studying at PSU. During their studies, students not only acquire profound knowledge and upgrade professional skills, but also foster personal relations.

In addition to lectures and seminars, exams and pass/fail exams, student life is full of entertainment, fun, and excitement. The solid student team in PSU assists in saturating educational workdays and finding friends.


Educational and research activity is a primary focus for the development and personal fulfilment of students. Dozens of PSU students are selected annually for scholarships of the Government and the President of the Russian Federation. PSU students actively participate in the international and All-Russian scientific conferences, forums and subject olympiads. The university comprises several student communities and dozens of scientific clubs. PSU students even present their projects at the All-Russian Youth Education Forum “Seliger”.

PSU students are able to display their creative, scientific and sporting achievements through the student self-government system in PSU. Student self-government is realised in PSU via the following bodies: council for student self-government, student councils at the faculties, faculty trade-union bureaus, student scientific societies, and student councils in the dormitories. The representatives of the student activist group are steadily improving their level at schools for personal development; they include “Leader in the 21st century”, “Progress”, “Impulse”, etc. The courses are provided by highly skilled educators, psychologists and business coaches.


Volunteer movement is especially popular among PSU students. The student scientific society of the Medical Institute was awarded a letter of gratitude for establishing and developing volunteer donor movement. Such campaigns as “Helping Hand” and “Good Deed” have become traditional. Orphan asylums and retirement homes welcome PSU students, who stage fancy-dress shows and raise money for upgrading facilities. PSU volunteers take part in various All-Russian forums, programmes and meetings, for example “Volunteers of Victory”, “The Arctic”, “Not Gonna Get Us”, “Clean City”, etc.


During the academic year more than 100 exciting events are organised and held at the university. Various festivals, concerts, discussion clubs, competitions, campaigns, and creative evenings are initiated by the student activist group. So that, every PSU student is capable of demonstrating his or her artistic, musical and other skills. The most significant event in social life of PSU is the series of creativity competitions “Student Spring”, which are primarily held at the faculties, then university gala concert takes place and finally the most interesting items are presented for “Regional Student Spring”. For promoting cooperation and tolerance, the university annually hosts the International Student Forum “Dialogue of Cultures”, which brings together Russian and international students, teaching and administrative staff.

Youth talent contest “Fresher”, beauty contest “Ms. University”, KVN festival (Club of the Cheerful and Sharp-Witted) are the events that will never fail to interest those who love stage and performance. These events comprise those students who have successfully performed during faculty-level contests. Moreover, PSU students annually participate in the events dedicated to the Victory Day. They lay floral trubutes to commemorate heroes and victims of the Great Patriotic War, organise musical and theatrical performance for veterans and take part in the Immortal Regiment.

Student’s Day, also known as Tatyana’s Day, is celebrated on 25 January, it is accompanied with a vide range of activities, like mass s. Contest “Come on, Guys!” dedicated to Defender of the Fatherland Day is arranged in February. The university annually organises student amateur festival “Spring Evenings” and contest of reciters and young poets “Poetry in the Soul”. In line with world trends, PSU holds such remarkable events, as “Univervision” and “Dances. PSU”.

Days of specialties organised by faculty and university activists are also held at PSU.


Student sports day annually reveals the fastest and strongest sports-oriented students. Moreover, the university annually hosts the Mini Olympic Games. As it is fashionable today to be healthy, well-shaped and beautiful, the university has numerous sports clubs, for example, power lifting, weightlifting, aerobics, basketball, volleyball, football, track-and-field, skiing, swimming, unarmed self-defence, tennis, chess, etc. There are more than 300 athletes of mass ranks at the university.

Fans of companionship should be ready for loads of entertainment, such as ski tours, active recreation, communication with peers, and games with children. Student multidisciplinary teams “Adrenalin”, “Flammeous” and others provide all these opportunities. In summer, their participants work in health camps on the Black Sea coast as youth leaders, sports instructors, and swimming coaches, while in winter they undertake traditional ski tours in the Penza region.

We are waiting for the talented and active! PSU offers the opportunity to receive decent education and in-demand skills, as well as the chance for professional and personal fulfilment.


If you would like to find out more about social life at Penza State University, please contact the Department of Student Affairs or visit its official group in Vkontakte.

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