Penza-Flensburg Cooperation

Peter Lorenzen
Founder of the Flensburg-Penza Friendship Society

First contacts between Penza and Flensburg began in 2007 thanks to active public work by Peter Lorenzen.

Being a grandson of Anatoly Lilienfeld-Toal, who was a Penza governor in 1910-1914, Peter Lorenzen annually came to Penza after retiring (in the past he was head of neurology department of DIAKO clinic), met with governor V. Bochkarev, established contacts between DIAKO medical centre and Penza Region Ministry of Healthcare and Burdenko Regional Hospital.

The next step in developing Flensburg-Penza cooperation was the partnership between educational establishments. The Flensburg-Penza Friendship Society was created at Penza State Pedagogical University, its coordinators were Peter Lorenzen (Flensburg) and Tatiana Razuvaeva (Penza). After Penza State Pedagogical University was merged with Penza State University, the cooperation with Flensburg went on.

Swetlana Krätzschmar
Ex-president of the city of Flensburg,
Honorary Doctor of PSU,
cooperation coordinator on the German side

Currently Penza State University is cooperating with two Flensburg universities – Europa-Universität Flensburg and Flensburg University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Flensburg).

In 2016 the Cooperation Agreement with Klinikverbund Flensburg, which consists of DIAKO medical complex and Malteser St.Franziskus Hospital. The cooperation between the universities is based on the principles of parity, mutual trust, mutual understanding and mutual respect.

The success of the cooperation between PSU and Flensburg organizations is due to a number of factors:

- active work of the cooperation coordinators in each partner organization;
- implementation of cooperation on the basis of "road maps";
- holding joint events on a regular basis (Penza-Flensburg Congress).

Over the years of cooperation, more than 200 people took part in academic mobility programmes, events, educational and research projects. Since 2013, the annual Penza-Flensburg Congress has been held alternately in Flensburg and Penza.

The cities of Penza and Flensburg demonstrate a successful example of implementing the dialogue of cultures between Russia and Germany, which is especially important in the current political situation.

Cooperation with Europa-Universität Flensburg

Cooperation with University of Applied Sciences

Cooperation with Klinikverbund Flensburg

Annual Penza-Flensburg Congress

Flensburg-Penza Friendship Society blog

Tatiana Razuvaeva
Head of International Projects Department,
cooperation coordinator on the Russian side


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