University History

On 1 November 2018, Penza State University celebrated its 75th anniversary.

The history of Penza State University goes back to July 1943, when Odessa Industrial Institute was relocated to Penza from the city invaded by the Nazi army. By 1 November that year, everything had been ready to accept students. 600 individuals, including 525 freshmen, started their studies here. Sergey Berezko, first Director of the Institute, is credited with laying down the basis for successful growth of the educational institution. 

In the 1940s, the city and the region felt the great need in professionals in industries, and the new educational institution was to satisfy that growing demand.

Originally, the university was called Penza Industrial Institute and comprised three faculties, namely, Faculty of Mechanics and Technology, Faculty of Precision Mechanics and Faculty of Thermal Engineering. Students could choose one of three fields of study: Machine Building Technologies, Machine Tools, and Foundry Engineering. Subsequently, the university was renamed Penza Polytechnical Institute (1958) and included five faculties, as well as special divisions for part-time learning.

The 1990s were significant years for the development of the university. New study fields (humanities and life sciences) were introduced, which led to acquiring the classical university status. In January 1998 the university was given the name it bears now – Penza State University.

In 2012 Penza State University merged with V.G. Belinsky Penza State Pedagogical University, thus becoming the major higher education institution in the Penza Region.

V.G. Belinsky Penza State Pedagogical University started its history back in 1939. It was first formed as a two-faculty institute for teacher training. Over the years, it gradually opened more faculties and by the end of the 1970s it trained teachers for delivering all subjects, which were included in the national curriculum.

The institute grew into the university and acquired the name of famous Russian critic and essayist V.G. Belinsky. In 2012, Penza State Pedagogical University comprised 10 faculties: Physics and Mathematics, Life Sciences, Sociology and Social Work, Russian Language and Literature, Primary Education, History, Foreign Languages, Physical Education, Economics and Administration, Law. At present, as Institute of Teacher Training, it forms a part of Penza State University.

The 2012 merge of the universities was mutually beneficial, as it allowed them to expand the scope of academic programmes, to increase financing of academic fields and priority research, to launch new degree programmes and to enroll more students.

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