Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry started training students in 1943. Since then its staff have gained considerable pedagogical experience, so that nowadays they deliver the following disciplines: General Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Surface Phenomena Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Industrial Toxicology.

Staff of the department engage students in research. They annually publish research papers in various collections and journals in co-authorship with their lecturers. They actively participate in research-to-practice conferences, workshops and other scientific events. The focus of their work is varying, but the most popular sections are physical chemistry and organic chemistry.

Since its origin, the department has been assisting enterprises in the city of Penza and the Penza Region in conducting chemical and spectral analyses of metals, coal and other materials, in introducing new chemical and technological processes into the industry and in improving the technology for treating industrial wastewater. The results of this activity are presented at various conferences or released in peer-reviewed publications (Scopus, Web of Science, etc.).

Currently the Department of Chemistry works and consults on the development of wastewater treatment technologies, electrodeposition of metals and alloys, as well as their introduction into production at enterprises in the city of Penza.



     Chemical Technology. Electrochemical Process Technology and Corrosion Protection


Research topics

•    Joint discharge of ions at the cathode
•    Electrodeposition of metals and alloys
•    Study of physical, mechanical and corrosion properties of coatings
•    Ecology of electrochemical processes
•    Design, operation, disposal of products containing energy-saturated materials
•    Disposal of hazardous industrial waste
•    Production of non-conventional materials


Jagiellonian University (Poland)
Radio Plant
Rubin R&D Company
Start Production Association


Yury Perelygin
Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor
Head of the Department

Building 8, office 401
Tel: +7 (8412) 36-82-70
Web-page of the Department of Chemistry (in Russian)

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