Department of Machine Building Technologies and Equipment

Seeing machine building and mechanical engineering as the basis of industrial production in the country, the Department of Machine Building Technologies and Equipment trains the new generation of specialists, who are able to design processes for manufacturing various machines and products using computers and CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM software, to organise production at any machine-building enterprises, to develop and program technology for automated CNC production, as well as to establish and operate machining complexes, machine tools and robots with CNC.

The second focus of the department is mechatronics. Its students explore sophisticated SMART sensors, mechatronic systems, and powerful servomotors. Graduates are able to program, operate and supervise robots and manipulators of complex technical systems at various instrument-making and machine-building enterprises.

Students participate in research under the student design centres and fulfil orders from industrial enterprises. Since 2004, the department has been overseeing the Computer Design and Product Manufacturing Centre, which trains specialists in Autodesk software and promotes such products in the region and beyond.

Along with upbringing engineers and researchers, staff of the department carry out extensive methodological and research work. They are engaged in projects of promising technologies (abrasive processing using grinding material compacted by inertial forces) and equipment (designing mechanical part of the reactor). Their advances in automation of management activities and computer-aided design of technological processes are disseminated among students and introduced at industrial enterprises. Following research, staff of the department have received 82 copyright certificates and 10 patents of the Russian Federation for inventions.



     Design and Technological Support of Machine-Building Industries: Machine Building Technologies
     Chemical Technology: Electrochemical Production Technologies
     Mechatronics and Robotics: Mechatronics


     Design and Technological Support of Machine-Building Industries: Machine Building Technologies


     Machine Building
     Technologies and Equipment for Mechanical, Physical and Technical Processing


Research topics

•    Automation of preproduction engineering and planning
•    Material dispersion and directional control of macro- and micro-relief of particles when abrasing the surface of the part
•    New methods of finishing and hardening parts with complex configuration using discrete grinding materials
•    Dynamics of contact interaction between grinding material and machined surfaces of the parts
•    Mechanism of material dispersion during processing
•    Basics of profiling diamond wheels for processing precision parts with complex configuration of working surfaces
•    Structural and technological design of fixed joints
•    Integration system for computer-aided design under computational experiment on functional stochastic models of fixed joints
•    Features in technological processes of transverse and longitudinal assembly of joints with interference
•    Relationship among main stages of the product life cycle: design-manufacture-operation


Argon JSC
Aviametiz LLC
Centre for High-Precision Machining Arkon
Design and Technology Centre
DS-Engineering LLC
High Tech Park JSC
Mashprom JSC
Nizhny Lomov Electromechanical Plant JSC
Penzadieselmash OJSC
Penzmash PJSC
Radiozavod JSC
Rostselmash LLC
Ruzkhimmash JSC
Saransk Mechanical Plant
Serdobsk Machine-Building Plant JSC
Sursk Foundry and Mechanical Plant LLC
Technoproject LLC
Tyazhmash JSC
TPP-Partner LLC
Volga Mechanical Processing Centre


Aleksandr Zverovshchikov
Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor
Head of the Department

Building 4, office 106
Tel: +7 (8412) 36-82-24
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