Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and Graphic Design

The Department Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and Graphic Design was created in 2014 by merging the Department of Descriptive Geometry and Graphic Design and the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. It does not graduate specialists, but trains students in 20 study fields, including Power Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Robotics, Technosphere Safety, Laser Equipment and Laser Technologies, Electronics and Nanoelectronics.

Teaching activity of the department is based on the following principles: high-quality planning and delivery of classes; introduction of innovative teaching methods; individual approach to students’ capabilities and needs; relevance and availability of the information provided.

The department supervises the student research society “Mechanics and Graphic Design”. It focuses on training specialists who are aware of the latest achievements in science and technology. It is aimed at engaging students in applied, search and fundamental work on priority areas and in research within institutional, national or international grants; boosting creativity among students; motivating students to carry out independent research.

Major scientific achievements of the department are in the field of synthesis of hinge mechanisms, dynamics of 2-dimensional robotic manipulators, technology of heterogeneous structures in mechatronics. Research works are targeted at dynamics of complex systems, mechanics of heterogeneous structures, theoretical technology, and metapedagogy.

Inventions of students, postgraduates and lecturers include solid technologies of road building, reconstructing and repairing, rescue sets, protection system from coming snow-and-ice masses off the roofs, and rackets for table tennis.



     Instrument Engineering Technology
     Mathematical Simulation, Numerical Methods and Software Systems
     System Analysis, Management and Processing of Information
     Materials Science (Mechanical Engineering)


Research topics

•    Mechanics and technology of polymer composite materials
•    Dynamics of heterogeneous structures
•    Modelling of layered structures in complex technical systems under various external influences during their life cycle
•    Dynamics of heterogeneous discrete-continuous structures
•    Fixed connections


A+S company
Scientific Council on Artificial Intelligence, Russian Academy of Sciences


Aleksandr Muyzemnek
Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor
Head of the Department

Building 9, office 406
Tel: +7 (8412) 36-84-25
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