Department of Welding and Foundry Engineering, Materials Science

In 1943, on the basis of institution evacuated from Odessa, Penza Industrial Institute was established. Among the newly formed departments was the Department of Metals Technology, currently known as the Department of Welding and Foundry Engineering, Materials Science. Since 1943, it has trained more than 50 thousand students. For decades, the department has been contacting with the Association of Russian Metalworkers.

An important area of the department is training and certifying welders and specialists in welding production within the system of the National Agency for Control and Welding. In 2004, the department opened the permanent exhibition of modern welding equipment.

Research work undertaken by its staff contribute to creating new technologies for the production of materials and goods with enhanced and in some cases unique physical and mechanical properties and performance characteristics. Researchers of the department have designed mathematical models that allow choosing the optimal technological parameters of explosive pressing, explosion welding and microarc oxidation to obtain products and materials with specified physical and mechanical properties. The corresponding software products for basic research have been produced. Considerable experience has been gained in developing and designing gas furnaces for melting cast iron, aluminium alloys, non-metallic materials, in creating waste-heat exchangers and other heat engineering devices, in studying and optimising gaseous fuel combustion processes.

All available scientific achievements are protected by copyright certificates and patents of the Russian Federation, the total number of which is more than 60. Every year, several applications for inventions, including international ones, are submitted. Many developments are brought to industrial implementation.



     Machine Building: Welding Production Equipment and Technology
     Machine Building: Machines and Foundry Technology
     Materials Science and New Materials Technology


     Materials Science and New Materials Technology


Research topics

•    Explosive methods for producing temperature-, heat- and erosion-resistant ceramic, ceramic-metal and ceramic-polymer materials
•    Technology for manufacturing multilayer composite metal materials with increased corrosion resistance
•    Microarc methods of forming multifunctional composite materials for machine and instrument engineering products
•    Technology for producing composite high-modulus materials based on light alloys
•    Holographic methods of flaw detection and examination of stress-strain state in composite materials and products thereof
•    Biocompatible materials of new-generation medical equipment for reconstructive surgery, dentistry, traumatology and orthopaedics
•    Exploring surfaces formed of intelligent materials
•    Methods of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis for the production of new materials
•    Interconnection of technological and structural features of composite materials obtained by self-propagating high-temperature synthesis and shock-wave loading
•    Technology of inorganic minerals in the field melting cast alloys
•    Metallurgical heat engineering, hydrodynamics in furnaces, metallurgical processes modelling
•    Mould technology and lost foam casting
•    Theory of forming castings during injection moulding
•    Materials science and new structural materials


Centre for Special Engineering Structures, Research and Design Institute of Radio Electronic Engineering
Elektropribor JSC
Penzadieselmash OJSC
Penztyazhpromarmatura OJSC
Research Institute for Physical Measurements


Andrey Rozen
Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor
Head of the Department

Building 1, office 202
Tel: +7 (8412) 36-84-53
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