Faculty of Dentistry

The Facutly of Dentistry is a newly-formed faculty that due to growing demand has sucessfully expanded from several dentistry departments and now offers full-time and part-time training to more than 1,500 students. The students are trained in dental practice, diagnosis and treatment of a wide spectrum of diseases, injuries and defects, imaging techniques, computer medical technologies and prosthetic practice. Having mastered the theoretical baics, the students move on to acquire practical skills in multiple laboratories and the dentist clinic for outpatients. This new faculty boasts state of the art facilities – well-equipped study rooms, phantom heads skills labs, prosthetic laboratores and the Centre for Computer Dental Technologies. The teachers are all practising specialists and active researchers who provide essential knowledge and skills and engage the students in the exciting realm of medical research, thus giving them a passport to successful careers in the modern world of dental practice and preparing them for lifelong healthcare learning.





• General Practice Dentistry


• Therapeutical Dentistry
• Surgical Dentistry
• Maxillo-Facial Surgery
• Orthodontics 


Hygiene, Public Health and Healthcare
Neurology and Neurosurgery
Maxillo-Facial Surgery


Larisa Ziulkina

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs
Elena Vorobyova
Afanasiy Baulin

Deputy Dean for Student Affairs
Galina Emelina

Deputy Dean for Research
Elena Vorobyova

Natalia Morozova

office 207
building 17,
56, Chkalova
Tel.: (8412) 322177
e-mail: sto-kafedra@yandex.ru

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