Institute of Economics and Administration

The Institute of Economics and Administration offers core and advanced training in a variety of economic disciplines. There are currently more than 1,500 students at the Institute, 5% of them are international students.

All teachers of the faculty are active researchers, participating in international conferences and symposia. The teaching staff contribute papers to the research journal issued at the Faculty and edited by Prof. V.V. Volodin, the faculty dean – “Models, systems, networks in economics, engineering, nature and society”.

Teachers engage the students both in learning and individual research, making them ready to enter the big world of business and economy. Faculty alumni found employment in different sectors across the country and abroad.
Studying and research are accompanied by lively extracurricular activities – sport, music, and drama.



• Economics - Accounting, Auditing and Analysis; Global Economy; Finance and Credit; Enterprise and Organisation Economics; Banking
• Management - Marketing; Corporate Management; Financial Management
Personnel Management
State and Municipal Administration
Business Informatics
International Relations


• Economics - International Economy; Corporate Finance; Firm Economics; Accounting, Taxation and Auditing
• Management - Financial Management; Corporate Management; Marketing;
Personnel Management
State and Municipal Administration


• Economics and Management of the National Economy (in sectors and spheres of activity: Marketing, Management, Industry)
• Finance, Money Circulation and Credit
• Economic Sociology and Demography
• Social Structure, Instituts and Processes


• Accounting, Taxation and Audit
• Banking
• State Management and Regional Sociology
• Marketing, Commerce and Service
• Management and Economic Security
• Sociology and Staff Management
• Economic Cybernetics
• Economic Theory and International Relations
• Economics and Finance


• Theory and methodology of business marketing management (founded and supervised by prof. L.N. Semerkova)
• Cooperation and integration in sectors of national economy (founded and supervised by prof. V.M. Volodin)
• Administrating social and economic system of a business and grounds (founded and supervised by prof. S.M. Vasin)
• Streamlining the system of economic agents financing (founded and supervised by prof. R.R. Yunyaeva)
• Criteria theory of image recognition and of image preprocessing based on stochastic geometry and functional analysis (founded by prof. N.G. Fedotov)
• Stable development of social and economic system (founded and supervised by N.S. Chernetsova)


Viktor Volodin
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Vice-Deans for Academic Affairs
Anton Averin
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Valentina Skvortsova
Saniyat Agamagomedova
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