Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Sciences was founded on an order of Rector of PSU from 07.12.2012 No. 881/0 by merging the Faculty of Primary and Special Education, the Faculty of Psychology, the Faculty of Social Sciences and Social Work and the Department of “Professional Pedagogy and Psychology” of the Faculty of Machine Building, Transport and Power Energy.

At present the Faculty includes ten departments divided into three major fields: “Pedagogy”, “Psychology”, and “Social Sciences”. There are 11 Doctors of Sciences and about 100 Candidates of Sciences at the Faculty.

The Faculty has many facilities for educating students. There are a lot of lecture halls, a logopedic room, a sculpture class; facilities for social diagnostics and prevention, for social rehabilitation, professional rehabilitation and art-therapy; play-ground for teaching outdoor games, a concert hall, an art studio, a laboratory for computer music processing, a natural sciences laboratory, an academic laboratory of applied psychology, etc.

Extra-curricular activities of the students are rich in variety. The students are engaged in voluntary work: they organize events for children and teenagers from asylums, take part in campaigns conducted by Charity fund for supporting family and childhood “Pokrov” and Russian fund of mercy and health.

There are many talented students at the Faculty. They usually win the annually held contests such as “Students’ Spring”, “Miss University”, “Hey, guys!” Every year the Faculty organizes Russian National Festival “Serebryanaya Lira” (“Silver Lyre”). The participants from the whole country come to visit this contest. There is a choir, vocal groups, choreographic groups, a pop music instrumental group at the Faculty. Moreover, the students organize exhibitions of their works of art.
The graduates are much in demand on the modern labour market and they can work in educational institutions, governmental agencies, survey research services, project-analytical, expert counselling and marketing organizations, in organizations and institutions of social protection of population, employment of population, retirement benefits.



• Pedagogical education – Primary Education, Pre-School Education, Music Education, Fine Art
• Special Education (Defectology)
• Psychology
• Psychological and Pedagogical Education
• Social Work
• Social and Cultural Studies


• Pedagogical education – Primary Education, Pedagogy and Psychology of Education, Social Pedagogy, Art Education
• Psychology – Social Psychology of Individual
• Social Work – History, Methods and Theory of Social Work
• Psychological and Pedagogical Education – Social Psychology in Education


• History and Theory of Culture
• Social Psychology
• Theory and Methods of Professional Education
• Theory and Methods of Teaching and Education (Mathematics, Informatics, Russian as a Foreign Language)
• General Pedagogy, History of Pedagogy and Education
• Social Philosophy


Pedagogy and Psychology
Theory and Methods of Pre-School and Primary School Education
Pre-School Education and Defectology
Music and Methods of Teaching Music
Fine Art and Culture Studies
General Psychology
Applied Psychology
Methodology of Science, Social Theories and Technologies
Theory and Practice of Social Work


Aleksandr Tugarov

Tel.: +7 (8-412) 54-86-22
E-mail: fppsn@pnzgu.ru
37 Lermontova Street, Penza State University

Vice-Deans for Academic Affairs
Svetlana Pamfilova
Tel: +7 (8-412) 54-86-22

Marina Sycheva
Tel: +7 (8412-2) 54-88-15

Vice-Dean for Educational and Social Affairs
Oksana Nesterenko
Tel.: +7 (8412) 54-86-22

Vice-Dean for Research
Elena Stavitskaya
Tel: +7 (8412) 54-86-22

Elena Batkaeva
Tel.: +7 (8412) 54-86-22

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