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Social life of international students at PSU is one of the most important components in the process of admitting, training and guiding foreign young students arriving in Penza from around the world. There are several fields of social life comprising various sports, creative and scientific activities that are available to international students.

High-level assistance in social adaptation is provided to students arrived at PSU for training. Numerous social and cultural events are held annually for this purpose. These events have become traditional for the university. International students of PSU are accompanied while participating in other events organised at the city, regional, all-Russian and international levels.

The assistance for international students is rendered in:
•    accommodating in the dormitories;
•    organising primary and regular medical examinations;
•    familiarising with the internal regulations at the university and the rules governing their stay in the Russian Federation;
•    advising on their legal status;
•    solving everyday social and welfare issues.

Active involvement of international students in extracurricular activities helps in teambuilding and creating the joint student team, which continues its work after students graduation. Both students studying at PSU and staff of the Institute for International Cooperation promote maintaining of contacts with foreign citizens trained at PSU and representatives of foreign communities living in Penza.

Social adaptation of international students is successfully conducted due to the International Students Association of the Penza region chaired by PSU students, student self-government, and permanent presence of international students in the trade union committee for PSU undergraduate and postgraduate students.

For further information on events and other issues please contact the Department of Student Affairs.

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