Department of Transport Vehicles

The Department of Transport Vehicles has a long history saturated with renaming, structural changing and equipping. Nowadays, it graduates specialist in land transport, power engineering, machine building, materials science, etc.

Years spent at the department enable student to immerse in profession, as this structural unit primarily focuses on research and development. In the Design Bureau “System Design of Transport Vehicles”, they are working on projects of urban high-safety vehicles, high-speed vehicles, and social transport. Students are winners of various competitions. They have published dozens of papers and obtained patents of the Russian Federation.

Within its activity, the department cooperates with many educational and research institutions and industrial and transport enterprises across and beyond the Penza Region. It takes part in organising and holding national and international scientific, technical and practical conferences. Its technological advances are introduced in various enterprises, e.g. a 3.5-tonne fork lift truck was selected for mass production at AMO ZIL; hydraulic vortex heat generators designed and registered by the department are used at various enterprises.

A number of fundamentally new products are under development. They are an autonomous vortex steam generator, a heat generator for heating several dissimilar liquids (including fire hazardous ones, such as oil), a thermodynamic dispersant, ionization and ozonation devices based on nano processes in heterogeneous vortex flows, a bubble-activated washing machine with a hydraulic heater, hydro-cavitation cleaning devices for mechanical engineering products, a device increasing oxygen content in liquids, etc. All devices operate using effects that occur in two-phase gas-liquid vortex flows.

Invented devices are regularly presented at various exhibitions in Germany, China, Belgium, Kazakhstan, and Italy. They have been awarded with 18 medals, including 14 medals of the All-Russian Exhibition Complex, 4 gold medals at international exhibitions (China, Germany, Belgium), a special prize of the Korean Industrialists Association, diplomas and medals of organising committees.



     Power Engineering: Internal Combustion Engines
     Transport Processes Technology: Traffic Management and Safety


     Land Vehicles: Automobiles and Tractors


     Land Transport and Technological Complexes


     Machine Building Technology
     Materials Science


Research topics

•    Integrating support of quality indicators in transport and technological machines
•    Advanced methods for designing, producing, testing and operating power-generating plants
•    Maintaining operational characteristics of transport pipeline systems and their elements at the stages of design, manufacture, operation and repair
•    Vortex processes and technologies
•    Promising systems for active and passive vehicle safety


Electromechanics OJSC
N.E. Bauman Moscow State Technical University
N.P. Ogarev Mordovian State University
Penzadieselmash OJSC
Radio Plant OJSC
Rubin OJSC
Volgograd State Technical University


Vladimir Salmin
Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor
Head of the Department

Building 1, office 313
Tel: +7 (8412) 36-82-04
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