Initial migration registration for citizens of visa countries

Information for persons requiring a visa (from visa countries) and entering the Russian Federation on a single-entry student visa

On arriving in the Russian Federation on a single-entry student visa, students and trainees must immediately (on the day of arrival or the next day) bring the required documents to the Department of Migration Control and Visa Support to apply for migration registration and extension of a student visa, as these are the duties of the host party, i.e. Penza State University.

The list of documents for migration registration includes:

1.    Original of a passport
2.    Notarised translation of a passport (If students and trainees do not have a passport translation upon arrival, they may refer to the Language and Examination Centre for translation services. Translation should be authorised by a notary)
3.    5 copies of a passport (It is necessary to copy all pages except for blank ones. Copies should be made on the same A4 sheet from two sides with two-page openings of a passport) (see Sample 1)

Sample 1

4.    Original of a migration card
5.    5 copies of a migration card
6.    Copy of a contract for paid educational services (If a student arrives from another higher education institution) or a referral to study (If a student is studying under the direction of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation)
7.    Copy of a rental agreement or a certificate of ownership or an entry in the Unified State Register of Taxpayers (If a student or trainee does not live in PSU residence hall)

Form of a flat rental agreement (in Russian)

After processing the above documents, the university fills in the arrival notification and submits the prepared documents to the Penza Region Migration Affairs Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for migration registration of a foreign citizen or stateless person in the Russian Federation at the place of residence within the legally established deadlines.

When the migration registration procedure is over, a foreign citizen or stateless person is given a tear-off card (see Sample 2), which must be kept in a passport along with a migration card.

Sample 2

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