Cooperation with Klinikverbund Flensburg

The cooperation agreement with Klinikverbund Flensburg was signed in 2016. The Klinikverbund consists of DIAKO medical complex and Malteser St.Franziskus Hospital.

The main areas of cooperation:
- Organizing internships for students and teachers of the Medical Institute, Penza State University
- holding joint Penza-Flensburg congresses
- delivering lectures by the leading experts from Flensburg health clinics for PSU students

The results achieved:
- 18 students from the Medical Institute, PSU, undertook a medical internship
- 7 Penza-Flensburg congresses were held, during which the leading specialists from Flensburg clinics delivered open lectures for students of the Medical Institute, held workshops and the surgeon's show cases.

Prospects for cooperation:
- expanding the range of medical directions for the internship programmes participants
- filing joint applications for grant support to implement research projects

Dr. Guido Wölk
Cooperation coordinator at Malteser Hospital

Prof. Dr. Henning Stolze
Cooperation coordinator at DIAKO medical complex


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