Qualification: Pharmacist
Duration: 5 years (10 semesters)
ECTS: 300
Fields of study: Pharmacy, Medicine, Chemistry
Languages of instruction: English, Russian (some disciplines after 3rd academic year)




The Specialist’s degree qualifies high-skill pharmacists who have profound theoretical knowledge and practical skills within pharmacy and related sciences. Graduates master skills of managing the activity of pharmaceutical institutions, developing and producing drugs and other medicines, controlling their quality.




On successful completion of the course the student should be able to:

•    maintain technological processes while developing and producing medicines and other pharmaceutical products;
•    market medicines and other pharmaceutical products in accordance with the rules and procedures of wholesale and retail trade, as well as with the law-prescribed procedure of pharmaceutical products delivery;
•    prepare and preserve medical plants and herbal substances factoring in resource management;
•    store and transport medicines and other pharmaceutical products;
•    examine pharmaceutical products using chemical, biological, physical, mathematical and other methods;
•    conduct expert reviews envisaged under state marketing authorisation of medicines and other pharmaceutical products;
•    consult medical staff and consumers of medicines and other pharmaceutical products according to the patient information leaflets;
•    promote healthy lifestyle and life safety among the population;
•    participate and manage the activity of pharmaceutical institutions;
•    ensure occupational safety in pharmaceutical institutions.




Graduates are employed in chemist’s shops, pharmaceutical plants, chemical and pharmaceutical factories, as well as centres for certification and quality control of pharmaceutical products and analytical laboratories. Some graduates may enrol on postgraduate programmes after successful completion of the Specialist’s degree programme.

If you would like to enter this degree programme, please follow the
admission procedure.


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