Green Campus – Green City

Partner-university: Flensburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany)

Within the joint project with Flensburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany), students of Penza State University conceived research projects on environmental issues. An expert jury chose three winners to undertake an internship at partner-university in Flensburg in January 2018.

The project “Automatic system for controlling spectral composition of light in greenhouses (case study of the Botanical Garden at Penza State University)” was considered the most exciting and promising. The Embassy of Germany in Russia provided grant support for its practical implementation. Under the grant, the modular greenhouse was constructed and initial testing was conducted. Currently the project is evolving.

This research project is truly unique:

•    The plant growth control system behind the project is almost complete. It can be introduced in various agricultural enterprises in the near future.
•    This project stands out due to fact that major research is conducted by students of the Polytechnic Institute. Moreover, it was their initiative that clearly indicates the involvement of young people in research activity.

Such innovative projects have great value, because they enable young researchers to show their creativity and even ingenuity.

The system created in the greenhouse allows controlling the growth of plants. Weather conditions (such as humidity, temperature, lighting) of any climatic zones can be simulated by means of this system.

In addition, the researchers came up with an idea to construct a light model of Mars-like conditions and to study how plants will behave in such exotic and even extreme environment.

Study tour: PSU delegation visits Flensburg University of Applied Sciences

From 22 to 26 January 2018, the delegation from Penza State University undertook a study tour to Flensburg University of Applied Sciences. That tour was made possible owning to the assistance from the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Russia within the project “Green Campus – Green City”.

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