Research and Innovation Office

The Research and Innovation Office focuses on organising and supporting research and innovation activities of academic staff and students at Penza State University.

The main goals of the office are:

•    coordinating, stimulating, and facilitating research and innovation among university academic staff;
•    arranging events (seminars, workshops, etc.) for academic staff and students aimed at upgrading their competencies necessary for implementing research and innovation projects;
•    ensuring the interconnection between the research and educational processes, as well as introducing research results and employing university science and technology base in the educational process;
•    overviewing and encouraging research and innovation activity of students and young researchers;
•    developing research and innovation infrastructure of the university;
•    managing the university departments in terms of preparing and carrying out research-oriented activities;
•    forging interdisciplinary research bonds between research teams, scientific departments of other universities, research organisations and others to initiate and run joint research and innovation projects;
•    advancing and promoting the research brand of Penza State University in Russian and international research environment.

The structure of the office is represented by:

1.    Research Department
2.    Students’ Research Work Sector
3.    Research Events Department
4.    Scientometrics Sector
5.    Innovation Consultancy Sector

If you are interested in initiating joint research please contact the International Projects Department at

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