Research Institute of Fundamental and Applied Studies

The strategic goal of the Research Institute of Fundamental and Applied Studies is to conduct fundamental and applied research on the topical issues in the development of interdisciplinary fields of science (Information Technology, Biomedical Technology, Integrated Safety and Security, Regional Aspects in Russian Nation Formation, Legal Linguistics).

The key objectives of the institute are:

1.   conducting and coordinating fundamental and applied research aimed at acquiring new knowledge of major patterns in the performance and development of science and technology in the Russian Federation;
2.    developing scientific fundamentals for management and seeking for new principles of addressing applied social and economic challenges;
3.    organising research in fundamentally new fields specific to the institute;
4.    holding and participating in scientific and practical events on topical scientific issues to exchange best practices and experience gained.

The Research Institute of Fundamental and Applied Studies comprises:

•    Research Centres
•    Technology Transfer Centre
•    Multiple Access Centre
•    Student Research and Production Business Incubator

The research priorities are as follows:

•    Information technology
•    Integrated safety and security
•    Applied and theoretical linguistics
•    Biomedical and cognitive technologies
•    Vortex processes and technologies
•    Archaeology
•    Nanoengineering
•    Contemporary journalism
•    Ecology and taxonomy
•    Data measuring technology
•    Law and policy
•    Robotics
•    Marketing and management
•    National History
and many others


Nano Engineering of Engineering Products Surface
Professor Vladimir Krevchik, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Nonlinear and Adaptive Systems of Information Processing and Control
Professor Mikhail Shcherbakov, Doctor of Engineering Sciences

Supercomputer Simulation in Electrodynamics
Professor Yury Smirnov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Studies on Modern Federalism
Professor Aleksey Salomatin, Doctor of Legal Sciences, Doctor of Historical Sciences


Founded in 2006, the centre coordinates research, technological and innovative activity of the departments and research teans at the university and enterprises in the Penza Region.

The primary goal of the centre is to facilitate the rapid uptake of ideas in products and services through installing and implementing the results of research and development and their simultaneous application.


The centre is mainly focused on:

•    conducting research in the priority fields of science, engineering and technology on the equipment available;
•    providing services to scientists and research teams (e.g. rapid prototyping, supercomputer simulation, biochemical analysis, etc.).

Within the project “Modern Research Infrastructure of the Russian Federation”, the research establishment entered the Russian network of the centre for multiple accesses to scientific equipment.


The incubator comprises 6 laboratories:

•    Rapid Prototyping Laboratory
•    Biomedical Technology Laboratory
•    Information Technology Laboratory
•    Physical Measurement Laboratory
•    Energy-Efficient Technology Laboratory
•    Transport Machine Building Laboratory

The core activities of the incubator include production, scientific and innovative, information and educational, field-specific ones.

If you are interested in initiating joint research please contact the International Projects Department at

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