International Alumni Club

Annually Penza State University graduates more than 100 highly qualified foreigners, who are in demand not only in the Russian Federation, but also elsewhere. To date, PSU is the largest international student-training HEI in the Penza Region. It contributes to promoting the Russian education, science and culture, as well as to creating the positive image of Russia abroad. Nowadays, approximately 1800 international students from 40 countries are studying in the higher education institution. In general, foreign nationals go back to their home countries, where they achieve public recognition and success in their professional field.

In 2013, the Department of Student Affairs established the Club of International Alumni of Penza State University.

The International Alumni Club brings together foreign citizens, who rank PSU as an important milestone for their advances. International graduates of major Penza HEI are employed as doctors, engineers, translators, economists, and entrepreneurs. PSU alumni exercise their professional skills in foreign universities, governmental organisations, and large-scale companies.

Penza State University has been attended by international graduates from Australia, Canada, India, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Turkmenistan, the USA, Yemen, etc., who obtained PSU degrees in 1997 – 2019.

The International Alumni Club of Penza State University is aimed at fostering international links and encouraging greater communication. It is the means of public diplomacy, within which congresses, round-table discussions and meetings are held. The most prominent graduates of the university are invited to take part in panel sessions annually arranged by the club supervisors. Following these panel sessions, the resolutions defining further steps in developing the International Alumni Club and forging links between graduates and PSU are approved.

Resolution of the 1st panel session of PSU International Alumni Club (in Russian)

Resolution of the 2nd panel session of PSU International Alumni Club (in Russian)

Resolution of the 3rd panel session of PSU International Alumni Club (in Russian)

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