Department of Power and Electrical Engineering

The Department of Power and Electrical Engineering was created in 2014 by uniting the Department of Electrical Engineering and Transport Electrical Equipment and the Department of Automated Power Systems and Networks (dating back to 1946). The department produces specialists in power systems and networks, electrical equipment, control systems, and power transmissions. In addition, its staff deliver classes on power and electrical engineering within all engineering study fields. The disciplines include Theoretical Foundations of Electrical Engineering, Foundations of Circuit Theory, Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Electric Drive. Students are trained in 10 specialised educational laboratories provided with modern electrical and power equipment.

Graduates are in demand at enterprises generating electricity ensuring its transmission and distribution, at industrial and other enterprises, in research and development organisations in the Penza Region and beyond. They are also employed by the largest automobile enterprises and dealer centres selling and maintaining Russian and foreign cars and other transport vehicles.

Students and staff of the department carry out research in electromagnetic compatibility and power quality control, energy conservation and analysis of modes and transients in electrical networks, development of sensor equipment for measuring electrical and non-electrical quantities. Their work in the field of nanotechnology using hydrogen and alternative energy technologies is also successful. In recent years, the department has fulfilled orders on designing a cryogenic substances flow sensor, developing and launching automatic control systems and dispatching technological facilities and processes. Its staff regularly carry out technical expert examinations of energy and technology systems under the programmes of energy saving.

For more than ten years the department has been overseeing the student design centre “AutoEl”. There students are engaged in designing elements for vehicles electronic systems and devices measuring physical quantities. Based on R&D results, students receive patents of the Russian Federation, publish papers in peer-review journals, report at various conferences. Innovative projects in the form of models and prototypes are presented at regional and national exhibitions and awarded with certificates and diplomas.



     Power and Electrical Engineering: Electrical Equipment for Automobiles and Tractors
     Power and Electrical Engineering: Power Systems and Networks


     Power Systems, Networks, Power Transmissions, Their Modes, Stability and Reliability


     Elements and Devices in Computers and Control Systems
     Medical Devices, Systems and Products


Research topics

•    Energy saving and power quality control
•    Analysis of modes and transients in electric power circuits
•    Advancing hydrogen energy technologies
•    Studying and designing integrating means for transforming information of continuous-discrete structure
•    Developing measuring transducers of physical quantities (voltage, current, capacity, temperature, displacement, level, flow rate, etc.)
•    Creating and implementing integrated automation and control systems for water supply and sanitation
•    Electronic and microprocessor control systems for land vehicles


Integrated Power Grid Company
Schneider Electric


Vasily Ashanin
Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor
Head of the Department

Building 7, office 105
Tel: +7 (8412) 36-82-51, +7 (8412) 36-82-72
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