Department of Technosphere Safety

To face the global environmental challenges, PSU established the Department of Technosphere Safety in 1973. By means of integrated curricula, its students obtain solid knowledge in engineering protection of the environment in the diverse areas of production, business and human life. Through ecology, they plunge into various academic disciplines, including Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Medicine, Psychology, Economics, and Computer Technology.

Graduates of the department become high-quality engineers with an environmental focus, who not only understand the need for environmental restructuring of modern civilization, but know what to do and how to do. They are employed by large industrial enterprises, small businesses, state environmental oversight bodies, municipal authorities, design firms, food and medical companies. This is achieved through equipped laboratories, so that students have the opportunity to engage in research on the key environmental topics and to come up with inventions ordered by industry.

The research focus at the department is the study of working conditions at enterprises and development of measures to reduce occupational diseases and injuries. In addition, it specialises in assessing the environmental safety of production facilities. The projects on environmental rehabilitation in the zones of chemical weapons destruction have received public recognition, which is confirmed by numerous awards of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre.

Staff of the department motivate their students to undertake research and participate in national and international conferences and forums, including PSU-based conference “Environmental Safety: Strategy for the Future”. Therefore, students are able to creatively apply their scientific and technological achievements and, thus, quickly adapt to modern conditions of economic and industrial development.



     Technosphere Safety: Environmental Engineering


     Environmental Engineering


     Earth Sciences
     Ecology (Engineering Sciences)


Research topics

•    Assessment of the environmental safety of production facilities.
•    Environmental remediation in chemical weapons destruction zones
•    Handling environmental problems based on methods of the golden section and Fibonacci numbers using vortex cavitation
•    Measures to reduce occupational morbidity and injuries


Nikolay Vershinin
Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor
Head of the Department

Building 8, office 302a
Tel: +7 (8412) 36-82-80
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