Department of Radio Equipment Engineering and Production

The Department of Radio Equipment Engineering and Production established in 1951 attracts highly qualified teaching and research staff and maintains strong scientific ties with leading Russian universities and research centres. The structural unit constantly modernises its computing, controlling and measuring equipment and advances its research and laboratory facilities.

Significant academic potential and high international standing of the department enable training both Russian and foreign nationals. Its graduates are engaged in design, production, operation, repair, and maintenance of radioelectronic equipment. They also work on marketing and management in the field of radioelectronic equipment production. Thanks to their achievements in radioelectronics, graduates are employed by such sectors as space, aviation, medicine, meteorology, geology, industry, and agriculture.

In order to stimulate research work among students, the department created several student research societies. They are “Radioelectronic system technology”, “Computer science”, “Mathematical modelling in design of radioelectronic devices”, “Interactive graphic design”, “Automatic control systems”, and “Pattern recognition”.

Staff of the department focus on many research fields. However, the most widely recognized, both in Russia and abroad, studies are devoted to mathematical modelling in the optimal design of radioelectronic systems and the formulation of detection theory for synthesising devices to control parameters of technological processes. They are actively writing research papers, monographs, textbooks and study guides, which indicates high academic performance teachers and relevance of the department in the scientific community. Research carried out by the department directs towards its application in the education, production and industry.

The research and education centre “Innovations in electronic hardware components” operates at the department. It aims at conducting research, development and design within the priority areas, training and retraining highly qualified academic staff, and consolidating the youth in the field of science, education, innovation, and production.



     Electronic Equipment Engineering and Technology: Radioelectronic Equipment Design and Technology


     Electronic Equipment Engineering and Technology: Radioelectronic Equipment Design and Production Engineering


     Radioelectronic Equipment Engineering and Technology


     System Analysis, Information Managing and Processing
     Mathematical Simulation, Numerical Methods and Software Systems
     Telecommunication Systems, Networks and Devices


Research topics

•    Adaptive intelligent system for vibration testing of onboard radioelectronic equipment based on multifunctional digital generation of test signals
•    Research and development of methods for non-contact temperature measurement of air-cooling devices
•    Tracing solutions for hardware in software platforms of modular base stations in terms of multiplexing
•    Designing computational models of shock stability and vibration velocity in brake resistors
•    Developing radioelectronic systems resistant to external influences based on methods and means of mathematical modelling


A.A. Dorodnitsyn Computing Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences
A.L. Mints Radiotechnical Institute
ATLAS Research and Technological Centre
Elektropribor JSC
K.E. Tsiolkovsky Russian Academy of Cosmonautics
Radiozavod JSC
Rubin JSC
Russian Engineering Academy


Nikolay Yurkov
Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor
Head of the Department

Building 3, office 310
Tel: +7 (8412) 36-82-12, +7 (8412) 56-43-46
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