Faculty of General Medicine

Through the ages of human history doctors have always been considered one of the noblest and most important professions and it is impossible to underestimate the role of medical professionals in the modern world.

The faculty of General medicine offers training in a wide field of medical professions – therapy, cardiology, surgery, oncology, traumatology, gynecology, neurology, psychiatry, to name just a few.

It is a research-driven faculty with the dominant majority of the teaching staff are awarded with the degree of Candidates of Sciences (PhD) and a great number with the degree of Doctors of Sciences.

The course of study lasts 6 years. The students complete their one-year medical internship in one of the healthcare establishments. Only after that are they allowed to work in their chosen field of specialty. Upon graduation the students can choose to continue their medical training, doing a course in clinical residency (normally 2 years)

Currently there are 2798 students, both from Russia and abroad, studying at the faculty.

The course of studies lasts 6 years. After that the students continue their education in clinical internship for one more year and only then graduates get specialist certificates and are allowed to work within their specialty. The students can choose the following qualifications: therapeutist, cardiologist, surgeon, oncologist, phthisiosurgeon, traumatologist-orthopedist, dermatovenerologist, obstetrician-gynecologist, neuropathologist, psychiatrist, etc. After graduating from the Institute the students can choose to go on their education in a two-year clinical residency, and those who would like to dedicate themselves to research can take a post-graduate course.

The staff are highly qualified teachers, 22 of them are Doctors of Sciences, and 65 of them are Candidates of Sciences. Students have their practice in specially equipped classrooms located at the clinical sites of medical institutions of our city.

Science and research play a significant part in the life of the Institute. The students take an active part in research activities. Many research works of the students have been awarded by diplomas and prizes. Contests in different disciplines are held every year.

The mission of the faculty is to train outstanding professionals that will shape the future of healthcare.
The faculty takes its origin in 1999, headed since that time by an eminent doctor, professor Aleksandr Mitroshin. 



• General Medicine
• Paediatrics
• Medical Cybernetics
• Pharmacy


• Bioengineering Systems and Technologies


• Obstetrics and Gynecology
• General Practitioner
• Cardiology
• Traumatology and Orthopedics
• Pathological Anatomy
• Oncology
• Dermatovenerology
• Infectious Diseases
• Neurology
• Psychiatry
• Radiology
• Ophtalmology
• Otorhinolaryngology
• Paediatrics
• Ultrasonic Diagnosis
• Surgary
• Epidemiology


• Pathological Anatomy
• Cardiology
• Traumatology and Orthopedics
• Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology
• Pathological Physiology
• Surgery
• Internal Medicine


Obstetrics and Gynecology
Human Anatomy
Internal Medicine
Clinical Morphology and Forensic Medicine with Oncology Basics
Medical Information Systems and Technologies
Microbiology, Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases
Traumatology, Orthopedics, Military and Emergency Medicine
General and Clinical Pharmacology
Human Physiology



Inessa Moiseeva
Tel: +7 (8-412) 99-81-78
building 10/Penza State University

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs

Alya Bibarsova
Tel: +7 (8412) 36-84-12

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs
Olesya Rodina
Tel: +7 (8412)
e-mail: medsekr@pnzgu.ru

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs
Larisa Burmistrova
Tel: +7 (8412) 36-84-12

Deputy Dean for Student Affairs
Yulia Martynova
Tel: +7 (8412) 99-81-75

Internet Site:
i_med.pnzgu.ru - official page at the site of Penza State University (Russian version)



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