Medical Institute

The history of the Medical Institute begins in 1999, when the Faculty of Medicine was established at Penza State University. In 2003, it was transformed into the institute, which was subdivided into the Faculty of General Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry in 2014.

Currently, the institute includes 16 departments. The Accreditation and Simulation Centre (engaged in advanced training and professional retraining of specialists with general and higher medical education) and the Further Medical Education Centre (aimed at upgrading practical skills of students, interns and medical residents using up-to-date simulators, dummies and training equipment) are the structural units of the institute. In addition, it operates the Clinical Medical Centre and Dental Clinic.

It implements Bachelor’s and Specialist’s degree programmes, which annually train 4500 individuals. Graduates have the opportunity to continue their studies and complete licensed clinical residency programmes in 24 study fields.

The institute not only focuses on qualifying practicing medical doctors, but also pays great attention to research. Its teaching staff supervise research teams, where students can make their first steps in science, and encourage them to take post-graduate courses. Later, fresh university graduates successfully defend their theses under the guidance of experienced lecturers.

The Medical Institute significantly contributes to advancing Russian healthcare and economy. The most remarkable advances have been made in the following fields: new materials and methods for treating surgical patients, comorbidity cardiology in the clinical picture of internal diseases, joule-metric systems for diagnosing socially significant diseases, comprehensive methods for studying bio-mechanics and electrophysiology of the cardiovascular system, normal and pathological transformations of human organs and tissues, pharmacological correction of hypoxic, toxic and radiation injuries, adaptational and compensatory reactions of haemostasis, blood and circulatory systems in normal and pathological conditions, regenerative methods of treating inflammation periodontal diseases.

Institute students and staff actively participate in creating and fostering the medical cluster in the Penza Region. This research and innovation structure unites research and production capacities of the largest healthcare, education and research institutions in the region.


Faculty of General Medicine
Faculty of Dentistry


Aleksandr Mitroshin
Director of the Medical Institute
3 Lermontova Street, building 10, office 214
Tel.: +7 (8412) 56-08-62

Inessa Moiseeva
Dean of the Faculty of General Medicine
3 Lermontova Street, building 10, office 214
Tel.: +7 (8412) 36-84-12

Larisa Ziulkina
Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry
56 Chkalova Street, building 17, office 209
Tel.: +7 (8412) 99-82-27

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