Polytechnic Institute

The Polytechnic Institute is the largest unit of Penza State University. In accordance with the priority areas for developing science and technology in the Russian Federation, it qualifies specialists for advanced and high-tech branches of science and technology across and beyond the Penza Region. They are integrated safety and security; nanoengineering; information and telecommunication systems; environmental management; transport and space systems; energy efficiency and energy saving.

The institute comprises 3 faculties (Computer Engineering; Industrial Technologies, Power Engineering and Transport; Information Technologies and Electronics), which include 25 departments, 23 of them are the graduating ones.

Nowadays, 12 centres and 6 inter-faculty departments affiliated with specialised organisations are operating at the institute. It houses 23 scientific and academic schools, 6 thesis committees in 18 study fields. The institute publishes 6 peer-reviewed scientific journals.

More than 40% of students are involved in research. There are 3 student research societies, 28 student research centres and 5 student design centres at the faculties. Every year students feature from 500 to 600 research papers and present more than 1500 reports at conferences of various levels.

Highly qualified engineering personnel are trained by teaching staff with high scientific and pedagogical potential. The share of lecturers with academic degrees and academic titles exceeds 92%.

Leading scientists and researchers of the institute are well-known in Russia and abroad for their achievements in computer technology; information security; nano- and microelectronics; physics of electronic processes in low-dimensional systems; mathematical physics and electrodynamics; pattern recognition and image processing; fiber optic instrument making; information processing systems and automated control systems; vortex processes and technologies; composite materials; machine building and many other fields.


Faculty of Computer Engineering
Faculty of Industrial Technologies, Power Engineering and Transport
Faculty of Information Technologies and Electronics



Gennady Kozlov
Director of the Polytechnic Institute
40 Krasnaya Street, building 3, office 209
Tel.: +7 (8412) 36-84-56
E-mail: politeh@pnzgu.ru

Lyudmila Fionova
Dean of the Faculty of Computer Engineering
40 Krasnaya Street, building 7, offices 310, 312
Tel.: +7 (8412) 36-82-48
E-mail: fvt@pnzgu.ru

Sergei Kireev
Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Technologies, Power Engineering and Transport
40 Krasnaya Street, building 3, office 104
Tel.: +7 (8412) 36-80-32
E-mail: dit@pnzgu.ru

Vladimir Krevchik
Dean of the Faculty of Information Technologies and Electronics
40 Krasnaya Street, building 4, Office 118
Tel.: +7 (8412) 36-82-29, 36-82-40
E-mail: fpite@pnzgu.ru

Yekaterina Pecherskaya
Deputy Director
Tel.: +7 (8412) 36-84-56

Aleksandr Litvinov
Deputy Director
Tel.: +7 (8412) 36-84-56

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