Incoming students are offered modern on-campus accommodation in student residence halls. The opportunities and resources provided in the residence halls help students pursue their interests, special needs and get involved, with staff nearby for advising and support. The residence halls are the centres for socila life on campus. They are the places where you will meet some of your closest friends.

Your housing arrangements are settled upon your arrival, we ask you to inform us of your preference in advance (please contact us at


The rooms include all necessary conveniences, Wi-Fi, laundry facilities. There are shared bedrooms for 2-3 students with all basic necessities: comfortable furniture, bed linen, towels. All the rooms meet health and safety criteria. There are a bath-room and a lavatory for 4 rooms in the section, a kitchen for 3 sections on the floor.



Kitchens are equipped with refrigerators, cutlery and pottery. There students prepare meals in groups or individually, eat it or take it to their rooms. The campus is surrounded by numerous cafes. Every day hundreds of people work to provide students with healthy, delicious foods and beverages.

Sport facilities

Students are able to go in for sports in their dormitories without leaving campus and searching for various sports centres. The residence hall has a big gym where students can do aerobics or other strength sports. There are tennis tables for common use in dormitory lounges.

Other facilitites

For the convenience of students the hall of residence has a room for self-training where students can retire for preparing home tasks and reading. The dormitory also comprises recreation rooms hosting a small gathering where students are able to chat or watch films with their friends.


The halls of residence are security-guarded and are situated within the walking distance from the university main buildings. The entrance to the dormitory, as well as the entrance to campus, requires a digital entry badge that secures safety and prevents unauthorised persons entering the halls of residence.

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