PSU Vice-Rector for International Affairs Gleb Sintsov was awarded the Badge of Honor of the Governor of the Penza Region

26.08.2022 11:09

On Monday, August 22, 2022, Governor of the Penza Region Oleg Melnichenko presented regional, departmental and state awards to distinguished Penza residents. The award ceremony took place in the government of the Penza region. More than 70 people received awards, among them - Gleb Sintsov, Vice-Rector for International Affairs of PSU, Chairman of the Penza Regional Branch of the All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization "Association of Lawyers of Russia". Professor, the Doctor of Legal Sciences, was awarded the Badge of Honor of the Governor of the Penza Region “To the Glory of the Penza Land” for his conscientious work, a significant contribution to the development of the region, and merits in professional activities.

Gleb Sintsov is the holder of many state, departmental and public awards. This is the result of his active work in two areas - law and vice-rector's work. Among Professor Sintsov’s most successful long-term projects is the International St. George Martial Arts Festival "For Faith and Homeland".

“The festival, which was originally held within the framework of Penza military-patriotic clubs, has grown not only in quality but also in quantity. It acquired a logo, style, leaders, regular participants, eminent guests, - said Gleb Vladimirovich. - If at the beginning of 2014 several dozen people participated in the festival, now the number of participants has increased to 350 martial artists. In 2022, the head of the region also visited the VIII International St. George Festival, who noted that this event contributes to the recognition of the Penza region outside of it and expressed the hope that the good tradition of holding the festival will be preserved for many years.”

Implementation of the Educational project "School of Law - Academia Legis" is not less successful and this year it will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Gleb Sintsov stood at its origins: “This project gave impetus to developing a number of similar Schools of Law in more than 20 regions of our country. So, we can say with confidence that in 2012 Penza became the region where a unique project was born, which had no analogues in Russia.” The purpose of the project is to explain to the audience the rights and obligations, to explain how the legal system functions, to convey the essence and content of national law, to talk about the inadmissibility of abuse of the rights. Teaching at the School of Law is conducted on the principle of "peer to peer" - the lecturers of the project are members of the Council of Young Lawyers of the Penza regional branch of the Association of Lawyers of Russia - students of the Institute of Law, Penza State University.

Professor Sintsov is planning to continue working for the benefit of the Penza land: “We really hope that our projects will not only live, but also develop. One of the ideas for implementation in the coming years is to bring the School of Law to the international level. Penza State University has a large team of active international students whom we would like to integrate into this project. Thus, we will combine the School of Law with interactive and educational meetings with Penza schoolchildren "Lessons of Friendship", which have been held by the Institute of International Cooperation of PSU for 10 years. We will continue to work honestly, conscientiously and responsibly for the benefit of our city and country!”

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26.08.2022 11:09 PSU Vice-Rector for International Affairs Gleb Sintsov was awarded the Badge of Honor of the Governor of the Penza Region