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16.09.2021 09:25 Vaccination against Covid-19

02.09.2021 11:17 Rector Aleksandr Guliakov congratulates the students on the Knowledge Day

31.08.2021 10:16 First graduate dentists from Arab countries received higher education diplomas

40 specialists received diplomas, two of whom graduated with honors
13.08.2021 16:06 PSU international students took part in the round table

The round table was attended by representatives of the International Students Association of the Penza Region and public youth associations
09.08.2021 12:57 Prospects of cooperation with the Lebanese Republic were discussed at PSU

In a conversation with the Minister, the PSU Rector stressed the importance of joint international projects in the field of higher education and noted that in 2015-2019 Penza State University signed a number of cooperation agreements with Lebanese partner universities. A lot of work on international cooperation was carried out bilaterally
09.08.2021 09:54 Delegation of the Republic of Uganda paid an official visit to PSU

During the meeting with Rector Aleksandr Guliakov, Vice-Rector for International Affairs Gleb Sintsov and other employees of PSU, representatives of Uganda discussed issues of bilateral cooperation in the field of education and science
28.07.2021 08:04 Aleksandr Guliakov took part in a meeting of rectors of Russian and Arab universities in Moscow

On July 27, at the Intellectual Center of the Fundamental Library, Moscow State University, a Memorandum on developing the activities of the Russian-Arab Youth Union of the Federation of Rectors of Russian and Arab Universities was adopted
22.07.2021 15:38 Penza State University opens the way to medicine for the student from Nigeria

Ogundiran Oluwatobi is a 6th year student of the Medical Institute from Nigeria. Being fluent in four languages and having studied at a Nigerian university, he chose Russia for higher medical education and came to Penza in 2015
07.07.2021 16:39 PSU starts implementing a joint master's degree programme with Europa-Universität Flensburg (Germany)

An agreement was signed on implementing the Master's degree programme "Languages, Culture, Media" in 45.04.01 "Philology" in network with Europa-Universität Flensburg (Germany)
03.07.2021 09:28 International graduates of the Medical Institute were awarded higher education diplomas

75 representatives from India and 7 graduates from Jordan, Yemen and Nigeria received higher education diplomas
24.06.2021 15:56 Research Centre of Huawei Company is interested in developing cooperation with Penza State University

On the results of the meeting, plans were outlined for the further joint development of individual projects
22.06.2021 12:54 Centre for Teaching and Learning Erasmus+ resumes its activity

The Centre for Teaching and Learning Erasmus+ established within the international ENTEP project under the Erasmus+ Capacity Building reopens in new premises – office 703 building 8
16.06.2021 15:47 Round table "Mechanisms for strengthening ties between foreign graduates and PSU"

On Friday, June 11, Penza State University hosted a round table "Mechanisms for strengthening ties between foreign graduates and PSU", which was held within the 6th meeting of the International Alumni Club
15.06.2021 14:15 Chinese students in the field of study "Teacher Training", training programme "Music" complete their studies at PSU and GPU

On June 10, 2021, a solemn ceremony dedicated to the bachelors’ graduation in the field of study "Teacher Training", training programme "Music", completing their studies at Penza State University and in parallel at the Gannan Normal University (GNU) was held online
04.06.2021 11:52 Development of Russian-Chinese cooperation discussed at PSU at the international level

On May 28, Penza State University hosted the International Online Conference "Specific Issues of Logistics in the Aspect of Developing Russian-Chinese Cooperation between Penza Region and Shanxi Province"
02.06.2021 16:23 PSU hosted a meeting with foreign students following the results of the 2020/2021 academic year

The students were reminded of the rules of behaviour during the summer holidays on the water, in the fire-dangerous season in the forest, the best foreign students were awarded at the end of the second half of the 2020/2021 academic year
19.05.2021 11:34 PSU opens the Russian-Indian Cultural Centre

The aim of the Centre is to promote the Russian language and Russian culture in India, to strengthen Russian-Indian cooperation, to increase mutual understanding and respect for the cultures of Russia and India, including through the study of the Russian language, literature, art and culture of Russia by Indian students
19.05.2021 11:32 PSU international students meet a Paralympic athlete

The Paralympian Sergei Burlakov shared his sports experience with the students, motivated them for growth and development and answered the students’ questions
17.05.2021 11:55 The Institute of Teacher Education hosted a professional development seminar of the Goethe-Institut for the German language teachers

For two days, the participants of the seminar performed various tasks related to observing and analyzing educational activities on the basis of video recordings with practical classes in the foreign language, carried out a critical analysis of pedagogical and didactic concepts
13.05.2021 08:41 Representatives of the International Students Association of the Penza Region held an annual commemoration event

Traditionally, the students lay flowers at the Eternal Flame at the Monument of Military and Labor Glory on Victory Square, paying tribute to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War
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