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16.06.2021 15:47 Round table "Mechanisms for strengthening ties between foreign graduates and PSU"

On Friday, June 11, Penza State University hosted a round table "Mechanisms for strengthening ties between foreign graduates and PSU", which was held within the 6th meeting of the International Alumni Club
15.06.2021 14:15 Chinese students in the field of study "Teacher Training", training programme "Music" complete their studies at PSU and GPU

On June 10, 2021, a solemn ceremony dedicated to the bachelors’ graduation in the field of study "Teacher Training", training programme "Music", completing their studies at Penza State University and in parallel at the Gannan Normal University (GNU) was held online
04.06.2021 11:52 Development of Russian-Chinese cooperation discussed at PSU at the international level

On May 28, Penza State University hosted the International Online Conference "Specific Issues of Logistics in the Aspect of Developing Russian-Chinese Cooperation between Penza Region and Shanxi Province"
02.06.2021 16:23 PSU hosted a meeting with foreign students following the results of the 2020/2021 academic year

The students were reminded of the rules of behaviour during the summer holidays on the water, in the fire-dangerous season in the forest, the best foreign students were awarded at the end of the second half of the 2020/2021 academic year
19.05.2021 11:34 PSU opens the Russian-Indian Cultural Centre

The aim of the Centre is to promote the Russian language and Russian culture in India, to strengthen Russian-Indian cooperation, to increase mutual understanding and respect for the cultures of Russia and India, including through the study of the Russian language, literature, art and culture of Russia by Indian students
19.05.2021 11:32 PSU international students meet a Paralympic athlete

The Paralympian Sergei Burlakov shared his sports experience with the students, motivated them for growth and development and answered the students’ questions
17.05.2021 11:55 The Institute of Teacher Education hosted a professional development seminar of the Goethe-Institut for the German language teachers

For two days, the participants of the seminar performed various tasks related to observing and analyzing educational activities on the basis of video recordings with practical classes in the foreign language, carried out a critical analysis of pedagogical and didactic concepts
13.05.2021 08:41 Representatives of the International Students Association of the Penza Region held an annual commemoration event

Traditionally, the students lay flowers at the Eternal Flame at the Monument of Military and Labor Glory on Victory Square, paying tribute to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War
12.05.2021 08:35 6th group of Penza universities staff successfully completed training within the ENTEP project

The feature of this course was its focus on staff from other Penza universities, i.e. Penza State Technological University, Penza State Agricultural University, Penza State University of Architecture and Construction
09.05.2021 08:00 PSU international students take part in the Great Patriotic War quest

At the end of the game, the students were presented with literature about the events and heroes of the Great Patriotic War from the library funds
27.04.2021 16:47 The Volga region educational camp for international students POLIS completed its work in Penza

The students had trainings and workshops on team building, the development of communication skills, time management, oratory acting skills
23.04.2021 10:01 PSU starts "The best international student" contest

There are two more stages ahead of them: the presentation of their country and its traditions within the framework of "Lessons of Friendship" and the defense of their own projects
22.04.2021 09:15 Institute of International Cooperation becomes the bronze medalist of the contest "Student Spring - 2021"

In addition, the students of the Institute became winners in the following nominations: Best Pop Vocal, Solo (Khusravjoni Karimzoda; Mohamed Abdelrahman); Best Instrumental Performance (Liang Yufei); Best Folk Dance, Duet (Hitarth Desani and Titiksha Khokale); Best Stage Design
21.04.2021 13:13 First-year students from India got acquainted with the Institute of International Cooperation

The first-year students were informed about the rules in force on the territory of the university, the rules of living in halls of residence, the rules of fire safety, about cultural and adaptation events, and the migration legislation of the Russian Federation
21.04.2021 11:54 PSU international students took part in the No Ruz holiday

The concert programme included soloists and creative teams of the national and cultural autonomies of Penza and the Penza region
14.04.2021 10:14 ENTEP consortium meets online for the 7th time

On 12 April 2021, the consortium of the international ENTEP project (Enhancing Teaching Practice in Higher Education in Russia and China) held the online meeting to sum up the results of the international scientific and methodological conference organised at Ural State University of Economics
13.04.2021 15:58 PSU representatives took part in the Forum on Training Arab Students

From 4th to 8th April, 2021, the city of Tanta (Arab Republic of Egypt) hosted XXVI Forum on Training Arab Students at Tanta University
12.04.2021 09:15 PSU representatives took part in an international conference within the ENTEP project

Researchers and experts in higher education teaching from universities in Germany, Portugal, Italy, Great Britain, Israel, China, and Russia took part in the conference. For three days, the participants discussed topical issues and problems of higher education in the context of the pandemic, as well as the outcomes achieved in the course of implementing the ENTEP project
06.04.2021 11:07 Vice-rectors Gleb Sintsov and Vladimir Simagin held a number of working meetings in the Republic of Belarus

Based on the results of the meetings, PSU is going to conduct a systematic analysis of the most promising areas of bilateral cooperation, which are planned to be documented in the form of memoranda on long-term international cooperation during the pending Forum of the Association of Russian and Belarusian Universities
06.04.2021 11:00 PSU international students became winners of the vocal competition "Crystal April"

According to the results of the competition in the category "Solo", Khusravjoni Karimzoda received the title of 1st degree diploma holder, Abdelrahman Mohamed became the laureate of the 2nd degree, and Saakanush Muradyan became the laureate of the 1st degree
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