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21.02.2020 14:20 Quality of foreign language training was discussed at PSU

On 19th February, PSU hosted II International Educational Forum “Increasing the quality of foreign language training in the Penza Region schools”
13.02.2020 09:39 The first group of PSU teachers completed their training under the ENTEP professional development course

The course teachers presented information on the main principles and tools of the Bologna process, student-centred teaching and learning approach (SCTL), innovative approaches and methods of learning outcomes assessment as well as modern pedagogical approaches and teaching methods
12.02.2020 14:02 PSU students are taking teacher training internship in Lubeck (Germany)

During two months’ period the students will have many things to do: within the first two weeks the students from Russia and Finland will take part in pedagogical workshops and seminars
12.02.2020 12:58 PSU graduate entered top-3 of the best beginner doctors in India

On the results of the Screening Test, Yadav Bunisha got 234 points out of 300, and was acknowledged to be one of the best beginner doctors in India
29.01.2020 15:48 PSU started implementing a professional development course under ENTEP international project

The aim of the programme is to develop psychological and pedagogical competences of the course-takers while implementing the main provisions of the student-centred approach within European Higher Education Area (EHEA) taking into account European best practices
24.01.2020 15:29 Post-graduate students from Penza and Romania universities presented their reports in linguistics

During the webinar, master’s degree and post-graduate students from the Russian and Romanian universities presented their reports which has been made on the results of their research
21.01.2020 08:55 A.A. Timakova “Literature and Methods of Teaching Literature” took part in the forum of young writers of Russia and China

The Russian delegation at the forum was represented by writers and poets from different cities and regions. A.A. Timakova “Literature and Methods of Teaching Literature” participated in the forum as a literary scholar and critic
31.12.2019 15:05 Rector of PSU congratulates everyone on the coming New Year

23.12.2019 14:24 PSU representatives delivered lectures in Belarus, Moldova and Armenia

Within the framework of events “Russian week”, from 2nd to 11th December, 2019, the members of the expedition delivered lectures and conducted workshops
23.12.2019 11:20 PSU hosted the International Conference of Foreign Students "Cross-Cultural Communication in the Modern World"

Foreign students participating in the conference represent 10 countries of the world. On the results of the participants’ research, a collection of articles will be published
11.12.2019 13:36 Pavel Chechel, a PSU post-graduate student, takes a training course at the University of Pila (Poland)

Pavel Chechel, a second-year post-graduate student at the Faculty of Computing Engineering won the All-Russian open competition for awarding scholarships of the President of the Russian Federation for students to study abroad for 2019/20 academic year
04.12.2019 11:29 PSU will cooperate with universities of Saudi Arabia and Algeria

Aleksandr Guliakov, Rector of PSU, during the II Forum of the Federation of Russian and Arab Universities Rectors, which was held in Moscow, signed agreements on joint activities with Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University and Djilali Bounaama University
25.11.2019 15:51 Research Conference in Sanya (China) under ENTEP international project

On 19th-20th November, 2019, the University of Sanya (China) hosted the conference «Framing Challenges in Higher Education: Bridging the gap between Russia, China and Europe» under the implementation of the ENTEP international project
20.11.2019 08:53 Nagima Zhyrgalbek from Kyrgyzstan is the winner of “Miss World. Folk Queen-2019” at PSU

The bronze was given to Alamin Hassan Hamed Randa from Sudan; the silver to Khallyeva Rugsat from Turkmenistan. The title “Miss World. Folk Queen – 2019” was conferred to Zhyrgalbek Nagima from Kyrzyzstan
20.11.2019 08:32 1,800 international students from 47 countries: PSU is expanding educational borders

International Students’ Day is a good opportunity to remind everyone about student’s friendship and understanding and to talk about why foreigners like studying in Russia
15.11.2019 10:16 Vera Shmelkova, a PSU representative, is a member of international jury at the Russian Language Contest in North Korea

From 5 to 8 November, Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies (North Korea) hosted All-Republican Russian Language Contest, which was organized with the support of the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs
13.11.2019 09:17 Teachers of German who had a training at PSU started their internship in Germany

The international internship programme involves participating in different linguistic workshops, studying the patterns of new individual styles of teaching German, studying new linguistic methods of teaching
13.11.2019 09:13 Happy Diwali & Happy New Year! PSU celebrated the Indian holiday

The celebration started with the national exhibition where the guests got acquainted with the history of Indian Dynasties. Then the international students showed a theatrical performance which was accompanied with music and dancing
05.11.2019 15:21 Cooperation with Flensburg continues

The delegation from PSU visited European University of Flensburg within the framework of implementing the Erasmus+ academic mobility programme
31.10.2019 13:23 Professor Mikhail Rodionov presented his report at an international conference in Azerbaijan

A respectful international conference MPMM-2019 (Modern Problems of Mathematics and Mechanics) was organized by the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan
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