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06.07.2020 14:28 The end of academic year at the Institute of International Cooperation

Despite the global situation, the 2019/2020 academic year was rich in cultural, sports and research events
02.07.2020 09:45 PSU awarded the best international students on the results of the academic year

Since January, international students have taken part in more than 20 cultural and sports events, including those in distance mode
25.06.2020 10:49 PSU hosted the V meeting of the International Alumni Club

The Penza State University International Alumni Club brings together young people for whom PSU has become an important step on their way to success
25.06.2020 10:47 PSU entered the Forbes list

This year, the ranking methodology has undergone some changes. Evaluation of universities took several positions into consideration.
23.06.2020 11:55 Online meeting held on the implementation of the ENTEP project

On 22 June 2020, the project team participants from Penza State University attended the online meeting of the consortium running the international project Enhancing Teaching Practice in Higher Education in RUSSIA and CHINA (ENTEP). The project managers at PSU had a discussion with Russian and foreign colleagues on the key issues of implementing the project in the alarming epidemiological situation.
16.06.2020 15:12 PSU announced the name of the best international student of the year

On the results of all stages, Bhatt Utkarsh from India became the winner and holder of the title “Best International Student of the Year 2020”
16.06.2020 13:57 Second group of PSU lecturers completed professional development course within the international ENTEP project

The second group of trainees represented by teaching and administrative staff of Penza State University completed training in the professional development course “Enhancing teaching practices in terms of implementing the Bologna Process” at the Centre for Teaching and Learning Erasmus+.
12.06.2020 22:51 PSU international students took part in the International event #Russia1Love

International students of Penza State University sang songs, recited poetry and shared their impressions of Russia. All this is part of the All-Russian event #Russia1Love on the eve of the celebration of Russia Day in 2020.
12.06.2020 22:46 PSU ensemble "Good people" won the international vocal competition

The International Firebird of Russia Competition was organized by the Creative and Intellectual Events Foundation. The competition was attended by more than 1000 bands from seven countries. Among the participants was the folk song ensemble "Good people" from Penza State University (led by Ekaterina Lisyukova).
11.06.2020 09:54 Federal Law “On Education in the Russian Federation” has been amended

05.06.2020 17:25 PSU representatives discussed didactics problems at an international conference

The problems of didactics were discussed in a remote format by specialists from Romania, Poland, Moldova, Lithuania, Slovakia and Russia
03.06.2020 10:38 The Institute of International Cooperation summed up the results of the reader contest

According to its results, the winner of the reader contest “Poetry shines over the Earth ...” and the winner of the audience’s award “Audience Choice Award” became a student of the Medical Institute from Indonesia Victoria Hitdahouse
01.06.2020 17:44 PSU took part in the interregional online conference of the rectors of Russia and Uzbekistan

The interregional online conference of the university rectors in Russia and Uzbekistan was organized by the Russian Union of Rectors and the Republican Council of Higher Education (Uzbekistan) under the patronage of the administrations of the Presidents of the two countries
29.05.2020 07:51 Students of Penza State University from China become all-Russian singing contest prize winners

Dong Zichao and Pan Xin are studying "Music" at the Pedagogical Institute. As students of the second and third year of study, they have won various creative contests
28.05.2020 11:35 Second group of PSU lecturers joins the professional development course under the ENTEP project

19 trainees – teaching and administrative staff of Penza State University – undergo training in the professional development course “Enhancing teaching practices in terms of implementing the Bologna Process” at the Centre for Teaching and Learning Erasmus+ within the international project.
26.05.2020 10:16 PSU will choose the best reader among foreign students

The Department of Students Affairs of the International Education Office started a competition of readers among foreign students of PSU "Poetry shines above the Earth ..."
26.05.2020 10:00 The final of the competition "The best foreign student of the year" took place

As a part of the student initiative laboratory, participants developed and defended their projects
25.05.2020 11:53 PSU international students become “Lobachevsky/RU” contest prize winners

At the first stage, students performed a test on knowledge of the Russian language and culture of Russia and prepared a video with a story about themselves. The second stage of the contest was a competition of presentation projects
21.05.2020 11:38 PSU teachers took part in an International Conference devoted to teaching Russian as a foreign language

The participants discussed best practices of using different platforms and resources in the course of training, problems of assessing students in terms of online training, forms of organizing practical work
17.05.2020 19:29 Institute of International Cooperation prepared a video lecture on the history of Great Patriotic War

It covers the main landmarks of 1941-1945: the beginning of war, the battle for Moscow, the battle of Stalingrad (particularly, Pavlov’s house defense), the Siege of Leningrad
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