Lebanese journalist Grace Rayess is on an official visit to PSU

16.11.2017 17:41

On November 16th, 2017 Grace Rayess, TV presenter of the Lebanese television station ALJADEED, lecturer of Arts, Sciences and Technology University in Lebanon, met with the officials and students from Penza State University.

This is the first visit of Ms Reyes to our city. The guest noted that she was favourably impressed by Penza and PSU.

“Being a reporter, I understood that I was going to an unfamiliar country. I read a lot not only about the place of my forthcoming trip, but also about Russian culture. I was amazed how rich Russian culture is. By the way, I should emphasise that Penza is in many respects similar to Lebanon: there are the same smiling faces around. But the weather is slightly cool for me, but the warmth of meeting with you saves,” Ms Rayess highlighted.

Grace Rayess began her official visit to PSU meeting with Sergey M. Vasin, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, and the heads of university structural departments in the field of media, that is Ekaterina K. Reva, Head of the Department of Journalism, and Nataliya V. Tolkacheva, Head of the Information Policy Department.

Sergey M. Vasin introduced the special guest to the structure and field of training at the university. “At present there are about 1800 foreign students from 47 countries who study at PSU,” the Vice-Rector reported.  In her turn Grace Reyes made a presentation on Lebanon, its cultural features and education system.

The relations between Penza State University and Lebanon are actively developing, and Professor Vasin expressed hope for strengthening relations and increasing number of students from Lebanon.

Ms Rayess supported Vice-Rector initiative in the field of fostering international friendship and promised to provide information support to the university in the Lebanese media.

At PSU Grace Rayess also gave a public lecture on Relations between Russia and the Arab countries in the field of the media, in the course of which she shared secrets for professional excellence and answered questions posed by students.

The lecture was delivered in Arabic and translated in Russian by Adel Makboul, Yemeni student, studying at the Medical Institute.

The issues touched upon in the lecture were also relevant for Russia. This is the state capital participation in the authorised capital of media holdings, the politics influence on presenting news materials in information agencies and TV broadcasting, the possibility of television channels self-financing, and the difference between spreading news on the Internet and on television.

PSU students were especially interested in the national features of Lebanon, in particular historical and cultural heritage of the country and relationship between Lebanon and Russia. It should be noted that one student devoted her scientific work to the peculiarities of journalism in Lebanon. Questions were also raised about the impressions of Penza and Russia and the key journalist qualities that helped her to build her career on one of the leading Lebanese channels.

“The key qualities of a good journalist are honesty, impartiality and passion for profession. At present there are many of us receiving information from the Internet. But you know perfectly well that everyone can publish our views on the Internet. Therefore, I want to remind you that any student here is already a journalist and expressing your views you form the opinion of others. Be honest, frank and open,” Ms Rayess addressed the audience at the end of the lecture.

The presentation of student media projects and the workshop for PSU students studying Journalism were scheduled for November 17th, 2017. Moreover, Grace Rayess was going to meet with the representatives of leading Penza media and to attend a number of other important events.

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