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POLIS 2017 participants meet International Office management

06.12.2017 13:45

On December 4th, 2017 the meeting of Sergey Vasin, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, with international students was arranged in the Language and Examination Centre, PSU. The students are the participants of the 3rd session of Penza Educational Camp for International Students (POLIS 2017).

At the meeting the international students described the benefits from participating in POLIS, asked questions and thanked the university management for organising such events for international students in cooperation with Russian students. During the meeting the participants presented the best projects on “My University in the Future”.

Sergey Vasin discussed specific issues of common interest and concern with the students. He also identified the most topical problems and possible ways to overcome them. It was agreed to hold such meeting in an informal setting as often as possible.

This year POLIS attracted 35 international students from 14 countries, such as Egypt, India, Yemen, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Mali, Moldova, Mongolia, Nigeria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, and Chad.

The camp was organised jointly with the School of Russian Student Activist Group “Impulse”. Such events make it possible to extend the scope of inter-ethnic communication. The joint events also enable international students to socialise in the Russian society more quickly and effectively.

The participants of the camp attended workshops and master classes on team-building, goal-setting, conflict avoidance, project activity at the university. In the course of practical work, the students analysed the existing problems of international students and proposed solutions for such problems. The students also developed five projects, in which they presented their vision on the future development of PSU.

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