PSU hosts Days of Germany

25.04.2018 19:49

On 23 April 2018, the Days of Germany were opened at Penza State University. The invited guests from Flensburg (Germany) attended the event. The German delegation includes Professor Jorn Bockmann, Professor Sybille Mahat and undergraduate students.

Penza State University has close ties with the European University of Flensburg. We signed an agreement on academic mobility, which involves students and teaching staff. At present three students of the Faculty of History, Languages and Literature (V.G. Belinsky Institute of Teacher Education, PSU) are pursuing studies at the German university. They are Alina Pitanova, Sofya Rybka and Valeriya Khanzhina. They are trained in the profile “Culture, Language and media”. The period of academic mobility lasts from March to July 2018.

After the exchange semester at the European University of Flensburg last year, Eleonora Zheleznikova was so enthusiastic about the new study field that she entered this university for the entire Master’s degree programme.

“Today we meet the delegation from Germany. The event is significant for us, as this indicates the high level of our university. Professors and students are here to participate in the work of the department and university. The German students will attend our lectures, while the German professors will give lectures for our students,” Ekaterina Aleshina, Head of the Department of Foreign Languages and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages (V.G. Belinsky Institute of Teacher Education, PSU), stressed.

The programme of the visit is saturated. On 23 April 2018, the guests presented prizes to the winners of the Contemporary German Prose Contest. They also awarded the winners of the drawing competition among children. In addition the German delegation visited PSU Information and Exhibition Centre and met with Nikita Arabin, who is the winner of the Green Campus / Green City contest of the German Embassy in Russia.

“It is my first time in Russia. I really enjoy this trip, despite the fact that it is chilly here. I specialise in linguistics and I am interested in studying methods of teaching English and German used by the Russian lecturers. In addition, I would like to discuss the cultural aspects of our countries. As I’m not an ethnic German, I’m committed to analyse the multicultural approach,” Avni Omar Ali Al Hamdan, Master’s degree student of the European University of Flensburg, noted.

This week, the guests will also take part in round table discussions, debated and public lectures.

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