International students of PSU visit ancient Russian cities

15.05.2018 11:31

The International Education Office of Penza State University organised a guided tour to ancient Russian cities in order to encourage and reward its best international students. On 13 May 2018, representatives of 15 countries visited the two oldest cities in Russia – Rostov the Great (Rostov Veliky) and the city of Yaroslavl, which are included in the Golden Ring route.

The history of these cities is inextricably linked to the formation of the Russian state and rich Russian culture. Students eagerly explored Yaroslavl. They learnt that it is the first Christian city on the Volga River founded as an outpost city during the reign of Yaroslav the Wise to defend the city of Rostov. They also found out that Peter the Great made a visit to the banks of Lake Nero, where the pagans were baptised.

“We seemed to be transported by the time machine several centuries ago and found ourselves in a medieval settlement, where you can see majestic temples and monasteries virtually at every turn. Everything that is associated with Russian culture is exciting. I mean ancient monasteries, icons, and even black-glazed ceramics, which is the reviving half-remembered folk craft. This reveals the history of Russia, where we study,” Mohamed Abdelrahman, student of PSU Medical Institute, noted.

In 2005, the historic centre of Yaroslavl and the Transfiguration Monastery were listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

“We are grateful to Penza State University for the opportunity to visit such beautiful historical cities. Thanks to such excursions, we clearly understand Russian culture and its distinctive character,” the participants of tour shared their impressions.

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15.05.2018 11:31 International students of PSU visit ancient Russian cities
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