PSU students mingle with Armenian journalists

21.06.2018 12:11

On 13 June 2018, the Department of Journalism (the Faculty of History, Languages and Literature) hosted the meeting of students, post-graduate students and teaching staff with young correspondents from Armenia Tatev Kostandyan and Diana Bakhshyan, as well as with Natalya Konashenkova, Editor of Penza Youth Newspaper “The Business-Minded”.

The guests from Yerevan are the participants of the volunteer programme for young journalists from Armenia “Pomegranate and Birch Cocktail”, that is the project the Newspaper “The Business-Minded”. As part of this project, the foreign reporters will pursue internship in the youth newspapers within one month. They will cover these activities in their periodicals and explore the Russian culture.

The round-table discussion of guests and students was held in friendly and warm atmosphere. The participants mainly focused on the professional experience. The foreign journalists were curious about the conditions under which their Russian colleagues work. They also wondered about the specific features of Russian mass media as compared to outlets in the Republic of Armenia.

In their turn, the students were interested in how the Union of Journalists of Armenia cooperates with media students. They also asked about the level of development in Armenian regional broadcasting.

At the end of the meeting, the students and guests of the department expressed their desire to continue professional communication.

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