PSU tourism students pursue foreign internship in Mouzenidis Travel Company in Greece

05.06.2018 10:42

For the seventh time, students of Tourism at the department of Marketing, Commerce and Service (Faculty of Economics and Administration, PSU) undertake summer professional internship in the tour company Mouzenidis Travel in Greece as part of the international cooperation agreement between Mouzenidis Travel Company and Penza State University.

In summer season 2018, students are trained as hotel guides and transfer-persons in various parts of Greece, more specifically in Pieria, on the peninsulas of Chalcidice and Peloponnese, and on the island of Zakynthos.

During the first two weeks, PSU students undergo training: they visit excursions and travel around the country with professional guides of the company. In addition, they attend seminars, workshops and webinars, study documents. They also pass proficiency tests. Then they are sent to different regions and hotels in Greece.

The internship in the major Greek tourism company allows PSU students to gain work experience abroad, to find new friends among students of tourist universities from all over the worlds and, certainly, to get acquainted with culture and traditions of Greece. Moreover, they will learn tricks of the trade used by real professionals in this field – employees of Mouzenidis Travel that is the world-renowned company. As a result of the internship, students will be awarded with certificates.

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05.06.2018 10:42 PSU tourism students pursue foreign internship in Mouzenidis Travel Company in Greece
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