PSU signed a cooperation agreement with a leading university in Uzbekistan

24.10.2018 15:31

The rector of the Penza State University, Alexander Gulyakov visited Uzbekistan as part of the delegation of the Penza region and took part in the Uzbek-Russian Educational Forum “New Staff - for the New Economy”. The forum was held on October 17 and 18, 2018 in Tashkent.

The first educational forum common in the history of the two countries brought together leaders of more than 60 leading universities in Russia and just as many representatives of higher education institutions of Uzbekistan.

The Forum was timed to the visit of Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, to Uzbekistan. The head of the Russian state pays great attention to the development of the education industry, almost in each of his speeches stating that this is one of the country's top priorities. For Uzbekistan, which is also aiming for new heights in all areas of life, stability and prosperity, the development of the education system is of course equally important.

The purpose of the Forum is to raise cooperation in the preparation of highly qualified personnel and research activities to a new level. Creation of joint faculties, training of lecturers, research, exchange of educational and scientific literature, projects on opening branches of Russian universities in Uzbekistan, joint faculties and departments, increasing academic exchange, the possibility of obtaining "double diplomas" for graduates of Russian and Uzbek universities - these are the main topics of the forum which are undoubtedly up to date for both sides. The logical outcome of the forum was the signing of partnership agreements between universities.

Within the framework of the Forum, a cooperation agreement was signed between Penza State University and one of the largest universities of Uzbekistan - Bukhara State University. It was signed by heads of universities - the rector of the PSU, Alexander Gulyakov, and the rector of BSU, Abdukabil Tulaganov. Two universities signed an agreement, "... given that the cooperation between higher educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Russian Federation is becoming an increasingly important element in the development and strengthening of relations between our countries and based on mutual interest in equal cooperation in the field of education and science."

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