PSU welcomes delegation from the Republic of Tajikistan

16.01.2019 11:28

The delegation from the Republic of Tajikistan was on an official visit at Penza State University on 11 January 2019.

Abdurakhmon Khonov, Chief of the Central Executive Committee of the People’s Democratic Party of Tajikistan, and Bakhtiyor Khamdamov, Editor-In-Chief of Minbari Halk Newspaper, were among the guests. The delegation members were accompanied by Asatillo Kurbonov, Chairman of the public organization “Commonwealth Centre for Tajik National Culture” of the Penza Region.

Guest from Tajikistan undertook a sightseeing tour of PSU and visited the university museum. In addition, they held talks with Acting Rector Aleksandr Gulyakov and met with students from Tajikistan studying in Penza HEI.

“PSU is the largest university in the Penza Region. It has rich history and great potential. More than 20,000 individuals study here, 1700 of them are foreign nationals. Today, 291 citizens of Tajikistan study at PSU. All of them demonstrate conscientious attitude to studying, motivation and creativity. Through participating in numerous university events they present their country, culture and traditions,” Aleksandr Gulyakov addressed the university guests.

Penza State University has close ties with universities in Tajikistan. “Now we have 7 agreements with universities of the republic in the field of science and education,” Sergei Vasin, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, informed.

Bakhtiyor Khamdamov noted that it is not his first visit to Penza, but every time he is impressed by civility of citizens and natural wealth of the region. In his opinion, the development of Tajikistan is closely connected with Russia, especially within youth education, since many young people from Tajikistan receive higher education in Russia.

Representatives of the Republic of Tajikistan awarded Aleksandr Gulyakov gratitude letters and merits. In his turn, PSU Acting Rector also presented guests with souvenirs.

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