Professor from Krakow continues scientific internship at PSU

01.02.2019 17:20

Marian Yaskula, Professor at Jagiellonian University (Poland), continues the scientific internship at Penza State University. Professor from the leading Krakow university and PSU scientists are doing joint research on waste water depuration.

On 31st, January, Thursday, the representatives of the departments “Welding and Foundry Engineering, Materials Science” and “Chemistry” and Marian Yaskula, Professor from Jagiellonian University (Poland), discussed the possibility of applying for grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research in order to do research on improving multilayer material with an inner protector aimed at increasing corrosion resistance and physico-mechanical properties for different branches of industry.

“This work is the continuation of the grants received before. The proposed multilayer material has quite strong physico-mechanical and corrosion properties in different aggressive environments. On the results of the research more than 20 articles have been published in the leading national and international journals. Three patents have been obtained”, said Yu. Perelygin, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Head of the Department of Chemistry.

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