Young scientist from PSU will present reports at a conference in India

13.03.2019 16:44

D.V. Valovik, associate professor at the Department of “Mathematics and Supercomputer Simulation”, senior associate at the research centre “Supercomputer Simulation in Electrodynamics”, is currently taking part in the largest international conference 2019 URSI Asia Pacific Radio Science Conference.

“The conference is held once every three years in different cities of the world, and this time it is taking place in Delhi. Its significance is highlighted by the reports of the leading world scientists. This year it is the Nobel prize-winner in Physics - David Wineland. This conference is one of the biggest in studying different electromagnetic processes. It attracts participants from many different countries and it gives a unique opportunity to acquire best practices”, said Dmitry Valovik.

Note, that last time, when this conference took place in Seoul, South Korea, in 2016, D.V. Valovik was conferred Young Scientist Award.

Dmitry Valovik is going to make two reports: D. Valovik, S. Tikhov "Propagation of TM waves in a shielded plane waveguide with anisotropic Kerr nonlinearity" and D. Valovik, V. Kurseeva "Multifrequency electromagnetic wave propagation in a dielectric slab with Kerr nonlinearity: perturbative and nonperturbative guided waves".

“The reports are dedicated to different aspects of nonlinear wave processes for electromagnetic waves. This issue has been actively developed for a long time in the Research Centre under the guidance of Prof. Yu.G. Smirnov”, emphasized D. Valovik.

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