Medical students from PSU undertake internship in Lebanon

08.07.2019 17:19

The students of the Medical Institute of Penza State University are undertaking internship in the Lebanese French Hospital from 1 to 31 July 2019.

Nine prospective doctors are exploring the specific features of public health care abroad. They are:

1. Al-Takhami Khazem Ali Ali Yakha (academic group no. 15LL17)
2. Al-Shekhari Ali Mokhammed Ali Akhmed (academic group no. 15LL17)
3. Al Khadzh Vegdan Abdulvali Mokhammed (academic group no. 15LL17)
4. Khashem Kamel Makhmud Abdulvakhab (academic group no. 15LL17)
5. Ayman Mokhammed Mansur Farkhan (academic group no. 15LL12
6. Ogorodnik Yelena (academic group no. 14LL3)
7 .Romanova Yekaterina (academic group no. 15LS5)
8. Kostina Yelizaveta (academic group no. 15LS7)
9. Khsama Aliya Ali Omar Makbol (academic group no. 17LS1a)

The internship of Penza State University students in the medical institution of the Arab states became possible after the agreements reached between the university leadership and the representatives of Lebanon during the round table discussion on the Day of Arab Culture, which was held at PSU in December 2018.

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