PSU students returned from the Russian-Chinese youth forum “Volga – Yangtze”

19.08.2019 10:57

Penza students came back from the Russian-Chinese youth forum “Volga – Yangtze” where they exchanged creative ideas, learned cultural traditions, history and modern achievements of both countries.

Russia and China presented their common dreams and ideas and plans for the future in three concerts where they danced, sang and played musical instruments.

“They really love our culture, songs, on every concert they performed “Kalinka”, “Katyusha”, “Podmoskovnye vechera”, modern songs”, commented Sergei Mitrofanov, a PSU student.

It was good experience, both creative and professional. The students of linguistics practiced the Chinese language, the students of international economy built interpersonal and business relations.

“The Chinese are very open-hearted people; they are interested in foreigners because they represent another culture. The Chinese language is very melodic; its structure is very interesting. It is a tone language, and as a musician I like it. Everybody knows how to say hello (nin hao) , thank you (xie xie), and good bye (zai jian) in Chinese”, shared his impressions Dmitry Fomichev, a student from Penza State University.

The two cultures merged at the youth forum in the city of Changsha, Hunan province. Penza State University was represented by six students, who spent ten days there. They visited local universities, enterprises, took part in sports competitions, learned Chinese history, culture and architecture. These days were full of emotions and impressions.

“I was amazed at their giantism. They build huge, incredibly beautiful buildings, and their architecture is at the highest level. Even museums are giant, of interesting forms”, emphasized Sergei Mitrofanov, a PSU student.

The forum “Volga – Yangtze” is held annually. This time its slogan was “Youth is heading for the dream”. And the dream is to consolidate friendly relations between the countries and to unite creative young people. The students from Penza are sure that everything went right.

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